Your View | March 25 – 31, 2009

Anybody notice the ugly trashy huge billboard sized signs on the NE corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek? How in the world is this allowed? This corner is the entrance to Carefree and Cave Creek. These types of signs should be BANNED! That corner should be sign free, and cleaned of all litter and vendors.

I found the Guest Editorial written by Dr. Anne Wortham brilliant. She is one of the most insightful writers in the nation on the subject of race consciousness. It’s refreshing to hear a new voice on the subject of Obama.

What an absolute slap in the face from Grace Meeth to every citizen of Cave Creek. She doesn’t even attend the voter information forum to tell the voters what she stands for. How in the heck did she get by for so long without being discovered? ‘Creekers’ are pretty darn lucky this paper calls ‘em like they see ‘em. Please, Ms. Meeth, keep your absence eternal and take Reg Monachino with you.

John Traynor, are you there? We could really use you now. It’s not too late.

If only the Kiwanis Club of Carefree would clean out their rabid dead wood, Carefree might actually have a good chance of returning to the promise of its former self. The good people of Kiwanis could eliminate the tarnish that has weighted them down for more than 10 years, and they would then regain their community sparkle. Thank you Carefree!

Good riddance to Fulcher, Meyer and Gardner! If Vanik is elected, the citizens of Carefree still have major problems. She is far too close to the Kiwanis political network. Anyone who thinks the Carefree Town Council is going to change with her on the dais is delusional.

I don't understand why dogs are required to be licensed when CATS are NOT. Maricopa County's website indicates licenses are necessary and required for dogs because it helps in locating lost animals. Well, dogs are meant to stay INDOORS or on property. However, cat owners actually and DELIBERATELY let their cats out at night! It's an age old ritual that should be ILLEGAL! The cats meanwhile disperse feces on property of neighbors, spread diseases like Parvo, and even attack native and non native wild birds nesting in trees! Not to mention, they can cause a traffic accident and commonly get slaughtered on our roads. While the cats are "out" causing trouble, they get "lost" just like dogs. Making it a requirement to license cats would not only make it fair to dog owners, but generate funds for Maricopa County!

Vanik is a clone of Meyers – both are trying to have the most volunteer organizations of their life lists. And Vanik said the council is her next step. I guess being President of Kiwanis isn’t enough. She also said council meetings would be fun. Can hardly wait. Then, there’s Gemmill and Miller who are the dimmest bulbs on the council. They should both speak a lot less. Miller put recycling down as an accomplishment. Guess he means baby-sitting Coady on recycling days. He just stands there and doesn’t lift a finger. Of the new candidates both Stavoe and Koteas were refreshingly candid and knowledgeable. Schwan is out there somewhere working to bring public transportation to CF and in-home health care. Maybe Vanik’s next, next step is President of the CF Transit system. CF needs one more candidate: Write in John Traynor. He’d be a real asset to the council. Interesting how the six incumbents flip-flopped on the direct election of the mayor. Guess they’re not entirely tone deaf to the mere citizens.

I must admit I’m glad to see Kim Brennan off the list of contenders for Cave Creek Town Council. Now, if the voters will see their way to vote in Jim Bruce and Thomas McGuire, we’ll have a competent council that is ready, willing and able to support the Cave Creek citizens, town manager and staff.

Oh, the drama!! The good ol’ boys in Carefree just can’t seem to get their proverbial act together. For Fulcher, Meyer and Gardner to have withdrawn from the General Election is reminiscent of children in the midst of a tantrum taking their toys and going home. They may be gone but you can bet they’re not going to be silent.

I’m puzzled. In My View, Don Sorchych rants about the improper and unethical political nature of the Kiwanis organization. On the other hand, I see all kinds of articles in Sonoran News about what Kiwanis is doing in Carefree and Cave Creek. It seems disingenuous, don’t you think?

[Editor’s note: Although the members do not adhere to the requirements for 501 3(c) non-profit organizations, they are a service group with a fine record of contributions to our community. They just need to wipe politics off their conversation slate and list of things to meddle in.]

Regarding the Letter to the Editor “A storm a-brewin,’” in the March 18 issue of Sonoran News: I hope everyone will send a tea bag to the White House on April 1. It’s a simple thing to do. In case people don’t want to buy a whole box just for one tea bag – are there grocery stores, restaurants or other businesses that will make a complimentary tea bag available for each person who wants to support this effort?