Your View | March 18 - 24, 2009

Yesterday I received a letter from Senator John McCain informing me he intends to run for re-election to the U.S. Senate. Don’t do it Johnny boy. I am the same age as you and in much better health than you. We are both too old to represent Arizona as Senators. You ran an ineffective campaign for President and, in my opinion, were never as conservative as you claim to be. It would be a good idea to resign now and allow Gov. Brewer to appoint a Republican replacement who would then have a head start on the 2010 election.

Elections are always interesting and often instructive. In Cave Creek, Trenk and Esser probably did Much Better than Expected (MBTE); McGuire and Bruce did WTE. Most instructive and gratifying, however, was Cave Creek’s resounding rejection of Meeth and Monachino. Cave Creek was clearly concerned with their platform: fire the Town Manager and key staff, but without a clue as to what to do next. M & M RIP.

Marsolo, Zerkle, Spitzer, Moore, Phelps, Natker, Lopez, et al please take note of Cave Creek’s rejection of your negative, shameful and damaging behavior by its responsible residents sending your remaining elected leader, Grace Meeth, to permanent pasture. Now, just go away and stop trying to divide the community and waste everyone’s time.

Your headline writer incorrectly referred to the Democratic Party as the ‘Democrat’ as in “they voted Democrat because” and it was written by Craig Cantoni in the Feb. 25 issue of Sonoran News. This is like calling the Republicans, Repubs. It makes no sense.

I don’t understand how Grace Meeth could lie in public about how the council and the town manger are hiding costs when there have been several workshops and information given at the meetings that specifically show that the water company is dong fine. Yet she says over and over again that it is costing money. She cannot prove that. There is no basis for what she is saying yet she keeps swaying over and over again. It just makes me understand that she doesn’t understand financing, which I think is very important in a position for town council.

I read Mike Stramaglio’s column. I support his opinion 100 percent.

Congratulations, Cave Creek! You just handed the naysayers and whiners their collective butt. Your decisive defeat of Meeth and Monachino, the naysayers standard bearers, sent the message that Cave Creek is tired of their negativity, their obstructionist behavior and their lack of positive contribution to the community. May they all move back to wherever they came from and leave Cave Creek to those of us who appreciate it.

So "JANET" Murgia, CEO of the Nat Council of LA RAZA, has a sister, Mary (a Federal Judge), involved with our Sheriff Arpaio being attacked for: hate crimes, unbalanced media coverage, racial profiling and targeting the Hispanic community ... this is untrue as we all know here in Arizona and I think sister Mary should be removed from the bench during this conflict.

Thank you Sonoran News for the Carefree candidate forum. Thanks for shedding light on Bob Gemmill, who appears to like to talk down to everyone and also Glen Miller, who knows only how to attack others. No wonder nothing is done in the council meetings. My votes will now go only to Bob Coady, Peter Koteas and Doug Stavoe.

I wish I had sold my Carefree home during the bubble. Now I am stuck for life at my age. We have arguably the worst town council in the state and I am stuck with it. The use of COINS for political purposes is one example of a sick and corrupt government. Too bad I was outvoted by neighbors and citizens that profit from the corruption.

Maybe now Hayward, Nelson, Anderson, Hock and Pipp can go live under the same rock as Hugh Stevens. They can call it the "KIWANIS POWER ROCK!”

So the object of Carefree PAC and COINS lies got the most votes. Congratulations Councilman Bob Coady. The turnover of incumbents is welcomed and after all these years Carefree voters are finally listening to Sonoran News. Thank you!

Rejoice! Carefree residents appear to have been set free. Decades of the relentless stranglehold by 'select' councilmen and 'special interests' may finally have come to an end. Voters clearly indicated that they are fed up with bobble-head councilmen, condescending mayors, and vicious PACs (experts in character assassinations and half-truths).

Voters decided that 2 year terms have been working just fine, thank you – at least we can get rid of councilmen that do not reflect the will of the people. The slate of 6 bullies wanted 4 year terms, but got a clear message instead – you answer to the people.

I am so glad (Grace) Meeth bit the dust along with (Reg) Monachino, (Shea) Stanfield and I hope (Adam) Trenk. Talk about a sorry lot!