Your View | March 11 - 17, 2009

A recent news item stated Carefree Vice-Mayor Lloyd Meyer spent $1,685 on mailers and postage after saying he would spend $1,000. Sounds like the good old boys are running scared.

Isn’t it illegal for Carefree to utilize public information systems such as COINs or the town newsletter to further private political agendas? Maybe it is time the Attorney General, earns his keep, and investigates this abuse of power. I’m sick of it!

I would like to thank Ira Member for bringing some humor into a rather disgusting Carefree election. I don’t know who the people are behind these political committees, but they demean our political system and are personally offensive to most of us. Quite honestly, I wish they would move. We just don’t need people like that in Carefree to tarnish our image.

News report: “In the Northeast Valley, Carefree showed the biggest decline [from fall 2007 to a year later] in the median cash value of homes and condominiums at 18 percent.” Residents continue to flee “the best small town in Arizona” and its high water rates, ugly fire house, goofy town center, and oppressive town council.

Well, well, even unnatural wonders never cease. Wayne Fulcher now says he could support direct election of the Mayor, if it were done his way, in his timeframe. With a bit more compression of his private parts he may also retract his ploy for four year council terms. Face the facts mayor, you have been out of step with the majority of residents long before you made the deal to become mayor, a deal made with fellow council members, not the voters. Do you even understand the terms conceit, condescension, or autocracy? How about basic concepts like democracy, free elections, or the will of the people?
Since six of the seven incumbent Carefree council members represent such a poor choice in leadership, voters should take decisive action to save their town. Because seven council members are required, vote for Coady, Koteas, and Stavoe then write-in (yes it is permitted) the names of candidates that would be a significant improvement in leadership and independent thinking. Be serious though, because Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck already have contractual commitments.

Your Carefree Candidate Forum was very well done, thank you. If only Carefree voters would wake up and vote out most of the six bobble-head conspirators things might actually become civilized once again. Of course, Kiwanis would have to disown the mad dogs that tarnish their image and create dissention in what could be a nice town. Good residents might even want to join the organization.

There is a letter circulating to some residents proposing to install 18 cell phone towers in the town of Carefree. Eighteen! They’ll resemble a cactus, a really tall, fake, ugly looking cactus. Which butt-wipe in Carefree government had this brain storm, or is it a butt-storm?

A Carefree Town Council without a Fulcher would be like a Diamondback without the venom – still a snake, just not poisonous.

Mayor Fulcher, at the forum, stated that “next year he would have meetings and committees to discuss direct election of the mayor. Next Year!!!! I call that stalling tactics. I say NOW! I hope the rest of our citizens realize that this is our shot at democracy in Carefree.

First the Cave Creek council increased the sales tax rate. Then they raise water rates, forcing restaurants to increase prices to cover higher costs, resulting in a larger base upon which to collect the higher taxes. Politicians sure know how to pluck a goose.

Carefree customers served by the former Cave Creek Water Company are getting a taste of “taxation without representation” as the huge water rate increase sets in. Ironically many residents of Cave Creek use wells so they will not be affected.

I won’t vote for anyone that supports “Sprawl-Mart”. Why? Wal-Mart favors products made in China rather than USA. Wal-Mart turns towns into dead zones, it destroys local businesses. Who needs it? Our town is (or shall I say was) known for its frontier appeal, unique western flavor, coziness, and quaintness. That is being eroded by big box retail. Are we going to throw away our values for tax revenue? I moved here 15 years ago to be away from that. I don’t want it at our town’s front door.