Fenger Pointing

Becky Fenger | March 11, 2009

Becky FengerBeck butts back

Glenn Beck has arrived. How do I know? Well, Steven Colbert slices and dices him on his “Colbert Report” show on the Comedy Channel. It’s easy to do. After all, Beck is first in line to take shots at himself. “What do I know? I’m just a rodeo clown,” he’ll say after bringing common sense to the political outrage of the day. And he’s the first to admit that booze and drugs almost killed him before he saw the light.

Coming to Fox News Channel after a stint on CNN, Beck is gaining viewers by fork loads with his passionate portrayal of what he sees going wrong in America. He also hosts a 3-hour nationally-syndicated radio talk show and tours twice a year with his comedy bit. He’s fast becoming the left’s favorite piñata, which alone should have you tune in to see what the fuss is all about.

Here’s why Glenn Beck – along with Neil Cavuto – is one of my favorite commentators: He’s got the “fire in the belly” that politicians talk about but too often pervert for their own gain. On his lapel, he wears a pitchfork pin to signify that it’s time for citizens to rise against the daily assaults on our Constitution. He is as likely to choke up with tears over children kidnapped for ransom by Mexican drug cartels as he is to claim these outrages are enough to “make blood spurt” from his eyes.

One has to have a soft place in his heart (or stomach) for men like Beck and Cavuto who admit to their constant battle with chubbiness brought on by their fondness for the sweeter things in life. In fact, Beck keeps candy on the set and will pop M&Ms when the rhetoric ramps up. On a sugar high, this man will pull no punches, attacking both political parties with the fervor of a man with nothing to lose. Unlike, say, a Keith Olbermann, who would pawn his mother’s jewelry to stay on the air.

Recently Beck had Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on his TV program when the hot topic of U.S. kidnappings by Mexican drug gangs garnered national attention. A day or two later, Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson was booked. Beck wasn’t shy in intensely questioning Sgt. Thompson on whether innocent citizens are safe on the streets of Phoenix. Sgt. Thompson claimed: “As long as you are not in the drug or smuggling trade, you are safe from these kidnappers. Arpaio would disagree. Beck cares, as should we, which man is correct.

I get a kick out of the merchandise sold on www.glennbeck.com. In fact, I purchased the “Bat Doctors Without Borders” T-Shirt with the caduceus and bat wings in support of all the bats killed daily by the alternative energy windmills whose giant blades screw up their radar. I’m now reading one of his tomes, “An Inconvenient Book.” Funny, but pitiful, stuff about how political correctness and stupidity trump common sense in this life of ours.

The difference between Glenn Beck and other talk show hosts is Beck’s willingness to take on anyone who dilutes our constitutional rights and restrictions with a sense of urgency I firmly believe is deserved. Yes, he’s carbonated. But passion like that is what this country needs if we are to preserve our free-market medical care, schooling, manufacturing and trade, and all the other freedoms that are eroding whilst we protest any spending cuts to the budget of a bankrupt nation.

Beck surely had to be thrilled with the “Tea Party” demonstrations across the country on Feb. 27. Why? Protestors of our current wild national bailing and spending binge were carrying pitchforks!

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