Your View | February 25 - March 3, 2009

Candidate for Carefree town council Peter Koteas has joined the ranks of the paranoid. He says the supporters of the staggered terms initiative will not show themselves. Well, every Carefree voter received a sample ballot with the names of the supporters of the proposition. Peter, you’d better read your mail.

Interesting article in the Republic. All of a sudden Hayward is representing the Caring about Carefree PAC. Too bad he didn’t have the huevos to put his name on the paperwork in the first place.  I guess he is more interested in getting his picture in the paper.

Greg Gardner cooks up the greatest financial deals, like the 20 year, seven percent, non-callable bonds that Stevens wanted when Carefree purchased the water company. Wonder who owns them??? Next time you're out on your patio, having a glass of wine with a large Carefree commercial property owner, maybe you too will get a helluva deal. Greg can probably find you attractive financing, for a fee.

So smug-mouth Gemmill spent a bundle to get elected in 2007. Had to, he couldn't do it on the coattails of the Tea Room alone. Yet he, Fulcher, and Meyer are the primary critics of the initiative to allow the voters in Carefree to directly elect their own mayor. They say it will open the door for less qualified candidates to buy the election! Who could be less qualified than Stevens and Fulcher? Who is this rotten bunch to accuse others of buying an election, when they and Miller bought the last one?  Let's not forget the venomous PAC that has dedicated all of its resources, including Kiwanis flotsam, to demean the efforts and good intentions of Bob Coady.

It’s time Carefree voters did a write-in of John Traynor for council.

Mr. Obama must be in shock since the Dow Jones Industrial average has lost 585 points since he took office.

We’re supposed to be upset with Mr. Coady for voting ‘no’ on the gas lamps and the amphitheater and other wastes of money in this town. Too bad Coady wasn’t there to vote no on roundabouts and giving the Desert Forest Golf Club additional water. What we need is for politicians to say no more often, not yes.

It’s not surprising that Bob Coady only spent $20 on his last election campaign. He gets all of the free publicity he needs from your newspaper, the Sonoran News.

Bob Coady, the council member spearheading the initiative to directly elect the mayor, should be congratulated and supported for his efforts to drag Carefree into the 21st Century American democratic elective principals. The current old boy, network Mafia that runs Carefree in cahoots with the local Kiwanis Chapter needs to be held accountable for their gross mismanagement of town fiscal affairs. It’s time for Carefree voters to boot out these corrupt, self serving, back door manipulators and send a message that Soviet style Polit Bureau government went out with the collapse of the Communist empire decades ago.

Our new President has managed to find the second Cabinet member ever who failed to pay his own income tax. What huge mistake will Mr. Obama make next?

I sure wish one of our creative artists would come up with some kind of a directory for all of the businesses in Stagecoach Village so we could do away with all of those signs. It looks like a giant garage sale on the street.

Now we have a Secretary of the Treasury who did not pay his own Federal income taxes on time. What will Mr. Obama do wrong next time?

I don’t know about the rest of your readers but I for one am quite tired of reading about Philip Berg and his jousting with wind mills. Can’t we move on to something much more interesting like the fact that the moon landing was faked and of course the big cover up of all time, that the world really is flat. That would keep all of us interested.

Grace Meeth is disgusting.  She has made a habit of publicly demeaning the Town Manager and/or staff in every Town Council meeting for months and she does it because she can get away with it.  No one takes her on – not the mayor or any member of the town council. When is someone on that council going to grow some spine and put a stop to her damaging and repulsive behavior?

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