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Cave Creek needs Leadership

Steve LaMar | Cave Creek

In 1986 Cave Creek was at a crossroads. It had just incorporated and the big developers were pitting the citizens against each other to thwart the passage of the first General Plan.
They wanted to carve up the large tracts of undeveloped land into the cookie cutter projects that have defined Scottsdale and Phoenix.

It was Cave Creek citizens with vision who drafted and fought along side me for our General Plan. We understood that it is a living document that guides a balanced analysis for quality commercial development, preservation of open space, and protection of the Historic Town Core.

Many of those citizens have asked me to stand for election for the town council because they recognize that our town is at another cross roads. It needs new leadership.

If you have been to an important council meeting in the last year, then you know what the citizens are concerned about. The meetings have become a shameful self-serving circus with the abuse of a great town staff and town manager as the center ring main event.
Here’s how it works … the staff and the manager do the lion’s share of the work on all critical projects. No projects are perfect and all projects have some opposition. The politicians take all the credit for the work and some hang the staff out to dry if there are any problems or opposition along the way.

Of course, one never knows if the constant criticism of staff and the manager will gain some traction, so other council members, keep their heads down and watch the show.
Mayor Francia is left trying to herd the cats, the town’s best interest gets lost in the show … sorta like Congress, and the beat goes on. Then money stopped growing on trees from new projects, and the circus really turned ugly.

This great town has wonderful potential. There must be new leadership on the council to realize that potential. We citizens deserve better, the staff, town manager, and mayor deserve better, and the future of the town requires better.

I am just one of many citizens who have quietly served this town in the last 23 years … it’s time for me to stand up with them and with you to say enough … is enough.

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To the voters of Cave Creek

Gary and Jacky Davis | Bob and Melanie Williams | Rolf and Lu Cartharius |
Gabe Royer | George and Nan Ross | Jim Caldwell | Dan and Kay Baxley | Patrick and Leslie Grady | Dennis Wells | Russ & Joyce Widner | Paul Schoonover | Dr. Richard Walsh and Lynn Walsh | Don and Heather Walker | Dick Frye | Anna Daniels | Beverly Metcalfe Brooks | Dick and Sue Mueller | Todd and Rose Newman | Judy Darbyshire

Running for a seat on the Town Council is a brave thing to do. It takes a willingness to commit a lot of time and energy and to focus significant efforts on the well being of others – to put community first. Councilmembers must be willing to be judged by their fellow citizens, often harshly. They become, in a sense, public property. Yet, amazingly, all over America citizens in communities like ours do step up, and we’re glad they do. We need them.

Here in Cave Creek at election time we have eleven candidates for just six seats, so we have a choice. We wish there were more qualified women candidates, but, in the view of the undersigned, six of the candidates will be first rate. Of course voters will make up their own minds, but if you’re relatively new to the community or if you haven’t studied the issues and are interested in the recommendations of some who have been around awhile, we propose six candidates based on the following criteria:

• Support for the current administration and staff, for stability in these difficult times and because of their fine performance overall.
• Ability to look at an issue objectively, from all sides, with vision for long-term consequences.
• A sense of fair play, tolerance, and respect for others—ability to debate, communicate, compromise.
• Understanding of complex financial matters.
• Knowledge of the community—some longevity.
• Strong scruples and ethical judgment—few conflicts.
• No personal agendas – sole focus on what is best for Cave Creek.

With all of this in mind we recommend these six candidates for election on March 10:
Jim Bruce, Steven LaMar
Ernie Bunch, Tom McGuire
Dick Esser, Ralph Mozilo

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My endorsement of Ernie Bunch

Todd Newman | Cave Creek Coffee & Wine

I appreciate the opportunity to have a conservative voice for this fine town. I hope I am in time to hit the next issue of the Sonoran News! After reading “My View” this week I have to tell you we are pretty close in our thoughts! As a small business owner in the “town” of Cave Creek, I know the struggles we are all facing all too well! I spent 8 years as a side line citizen in this town prior to the time my wife Rose and me jumped in feet first by purchasing Cave Creek Coffee Company & Wine Bar.

It is at that time that I realized just how important it is to be a conservative voice in Cave Creek. I wanted to suggest one candidate up for re-election this year has not received the press I think he deserves, that is Ernie Bunch. After, getting to know Ernie and spending countless hours sitting through town meetings (not that I attend them all) I have to endorse Ernie as a stand up guy with conservative values that can help take this town in the direction it needs to be going. His “not now, not ever” answer to increased property taxes is just the beginning of the long list that citizens in this town should consider when voting in 2009. His record for voting to support business over the years balanced with his record to help maintain preserve shows just how much he gets it (period!). As we face the tough economic times ahead, we need to bring business to town, not just the core, but the commercial areas that we have the opportunity to develop responsibly. As a council person, Ernie has a very clear record for voting the right way to help this town not just now, but into the future. We need to develop this town in a manner that preserves our Western values, maintains the high standards for preserving our desert, and balance that with developing an economic engine that can sustain our town in the future. We should strive to bring in business so consumers can get at least 80 percent of their basic needs in the town. I wish more members of our town council followed councilman Bunch’s lead a few years back while we were enjoying the real estate boom and would have done more to invest in our economic future.

If I were to cast my vote today it would be:
·Mayor Vincent Francia
·Councilman Ernie Bunch
·Councilman Dick Esser
·Candidate Steve La Mar
·Candidate Ralph Mozillo
·Councilman Tom McGuire
·Candidate ???? (I am undecided on the candidate but I know there are no other incumbents that I will support!)

The jail house religion on economics that seems to be shaping the campaigns of our candidates is contrary to most of the voting records of our current town council. I certainly hope for “change” and think the balance councilman Bunch has supported over the years sets the bar for what our future town council should look like. Please accept my endorsement of Ernie Bunch for town council.

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Vote for Steve LaMar

Martha Arnold | Cave Creek

Finally we have the opportunity to vote for Steve LaMar for Cave Creek Town Council. Why do I say “finally?”

Steve arrived in Cave Creek around the time of incorporation and he has been active in town issues ever since. I’ve known Steve LaMar since those early days. As a 40 plus year resident of the community it has been gratifying to me to have a very capable arrival be so willing to offer his expertise in the forming of a new town. Steve has now planned (after many years on the Planning and Zoning Commission) his very busy schedule to spend even more time working for the community.

I had the privilege in the early years to work closely with Steve on local issues. It has been a learning curve for all of us and from that experience I am assured that Steve listens and analyzes all points of view prior to making decisions.

Steve knows the history of the formation of the government of the town, which enables him to make a more informed decision.

A portion of an early mission statement that Steve assisted in writing states: “Open government is not only a right but a reality and citizens demand that decisions which affect all are made openly, in public places, after comment and debate.” This philosophy is practiced by Steve LaMar. He is the kind of council member that we need. Vote for Steve LaMar on March 10, 2009 for Cave Creek Town Council.

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Steve LaMar for Cave Creek Town Council

Lu Cartharius | Cave Creek

Steve LaMar, candidate for Cave Creek Town Council in the March 10 primary election, has been an asset to the town of Cave Creek for over 20 years. He served as a commissioner on the first Planning and Zoning Commission for the town and participated in the drafting of Cave Creek's first General Plan. He continues to serve as a commissioner today and has spent time in that role over the years as both a Chairman and Vice Chairman. His involvement in Cave Creek since early incorporation has been steady, consistent and thoughtful. He has supported open government and has recognized the challenge of balancing the needs of Cave Creek's present population and respecting the lifestyle of the community, while addressing the unavoidable demands of future growth. His history and experience over many years with transitions in Cave Creek's staff, management and leadership give him invaluable background for a council position. In this time of budget deficits and uncertainty it is critical to have a council both willing and able to move forward positively to develop working partnerships and address fiscal viability while maintaining an awareness of the need for preservation of Cave Creek's unique character and topography. Steve has all of those attributes, and more, to offer.

As a town council candidate, as a professional, and as a friend, Steve is dedicated and committed to our community. Please vote for Steve LaMar for Cave Creek Town Council.

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I support Dick Esser

Dan Baxley | Cave Creek

I support Dick Esser as a candidate for re-election to the Cave Creek Town Council. Dick has served for years in leadership roles as Councilman, Planning and Zoning Commissioner, volunteer and representative to the Maricopa Association of Governments. I have worked with Dick as I served on town committees, commissions and advisory groups. His advice and service has always been sound and grounded in what is best for Cave Creek.

Dick is from a pioneer family that includes founding citizens of Prescott and a father who was Phoenix City Manager for a number of years. Dick chose public service as a career and spent most of his life with the Maricopa County Government, the Arizona State Highway Department and the State of Arizona Attorney General’s Office. He comes from good stock, has good public service experiences and is a solid citizen. He and his wife Holly have lived in Cave Creek for a long time and dearly love their community. During his youth he worked on Prescott area ranches as a cowboy and truly knows the meaning of the equestrian lifestyle. Dick epitomizes the essence of what it means to be a “Creeker.”

Dick has led on many perplexing issues. He works for members of our community, whether they are residents or business owners. When the presence of illegal aliens became a vexing problem for the town, he provided the leadership to solve the problem. When budgets became an issue for the town, he negotiated a substantial reduction in legal fees. When westward expansion became a source of conflict, he helped mediate a resolution. When the acquisition of the water company became mired in conflict, he met with folks to resolve concerns. Dick was instrumental in bringing to Cave Creek green changes through the establishment of a new recycling center. I could go on with his accomplishments, as they are extensive, but suffice to say he deserves your vote. His phone rings constantly, his email is always full and his calendar is always booked with citizens seeking assistance and guidance. Dick Esser is the quintessential council member. He never shies from the needs of his town.

I am going to vote for him and hope you do too.

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A Carefree bedtime story – The End!

Ira Member | Carefree

By now my little Carefreers you are wondering if our beautiful little town will ever be free of the vile, loathsome creatures that skulk in the shadows. Gemmill the Dim lights his lamps each and every night so people won’t realize just how much the evil darkness lingers over Carefree. The Hall of the Kiwanian Knights remains infested with vipers. In fact, the numbers may be even greater. Still, the abhorrent and disgusting Huber along with his repugnant court jesters, The Pip and The Ding Man cavort and act the fools in the Hall.

Scariest of all, there are more who now wish to benefit at the expense of the poor downtrodden people of Carefree. The Wicked Witch Vain-Neck skulks in the shadows, laughing and snorting, while studying her book of evil spells.

The Hall of Terror, in Carefree Keep, is no different. Alone, “THE SPOILER,” Bob Coady fights for truth and light in Carefree’s government. He is even now endeavoring to bring a proclamation to let the people vote and be free like others throughout the land. Whiny, Forked Tongue Fulcher, Greg The Shekle, the Malevolent Sorcerer Meyer, The Slimy Toad Prince Schwan, Gemmill The Dim and The Ugly Giant Miller are all incensed. They conspire to remove “THE SPOILER” Bob Coady by chopping him up into little pieces.

The Deceitful Forked Tongue Fulcher has commanded his despicable sycophants to do their most dastardly deeds. The Malevolent Sorcerer Meyer is to play his magic organ and put as many of the common people to sleep as possible. The Ugly Giant Miller has been forbidden to toot his toy fire truck ‘til after the election. The slimy Toad Prince Schwan has been put in charge of the rat PACs who are to attack the people and cause discord and confusion. Greg The Shekel has been sent to the counting house to make sure the magical beans still show the same numbers. Gemmill The Dim has been ordered to hide in the shadows and listen to see if the masses have yet realized the rulers despise and are repulsed by them. The waspish Forked Tongue Fulcher has even trotted out the ill and aged Dragon Morgan, and the befuddled Ogre Hayward in an attempt to roust “THE SPOILER,” Bob Coady. 

Yes, my Sweet Carefreers, this is the sad truth. There is to be no light or happiness in our magical town of Carefree until the people revolt and seek new rulers. They must rise up and rid themselves of all the evil mist so the sun shines once more on Carefree.

The End

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They voted Democrat because

Craig J. Cantoni | The Paucity of Hope

They believe that people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday, can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if everybody doesn’t ride a bike, take public transit or start driving a Prius.

My wife got caught in the massive traffic jam last night in downtown Phoenix due to Herr Obama landing at Sky Harbor in the middle of rush hour. The main arteries of I-10 and Rte. 51 were closed. It is the epitome of arrogance and selfishness for plutocrats (GWB did the same) to force thousands of commuters to sit in traffic wasting time and gas, which in turn, according to the plutocrats, causes the polar icecaps to melt and polar bears to wear bikinis and sunscreen. Then instead of overthrowing the bastards, the plebians bow and scrape, and the sycophants in the local and national media write chirpy stories about them.

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Let the free market correct itself

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek

Currently, our illustrious leader, Pres. Obama is busy spreading doom and gloom about the economy. It is nothing more than fear-mongering designed to lower the ridiculously high expectations he set for himself while campaigning. At no point, does he ever express any type of confidence in the future. Of course, if he did, he would not be able to ram through the so-called "stimulus" package.

Recently, at the town hall meeting those same sentiments were reiterated by people who should know better. For those who have stated they cannot remember a worse economy in their lives, the chart below clearly shows they have bad, or selective, memory.

It is not a "catastrophe," it is a recession. As in all others, we will recover sooner, and more efficiently, if we let the free market correct itself.

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Preserve Cave Creek

George Ross | Cave Creek

The Preserve Cave Creek Political Action Committee has decided to donate all its remaining funds towards the acquisition of the 4,000 plus acres of open space in the annexation of state land by the town of Cave Creek. That sum of money is $10,000. These donations go back many years and have supported many issues. The last major issue supported by Preserve Cave Creek was Home Rule in the 2007 election.

It is always amusing to listen to the “harpies” squawk about the source of these funds. All they have to do is go to the Cave Creek town offices and ask for the public records are on file showing the history of the donations to Preserve Cave Creek. I challenge the “harpies” to match this donation.

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