Your View | February 18 - 24, 2009

Who cares about Carefree anyway? Obviously the residents don’t give a damn. They allow their government to be elected and continuously misguided by a group of rabid Kiwanis morons. Note that was morons not the religious group. Boy, a few rotten apples really spoiled that barrel. Every week our paper documents the saga of a vicious little town without a soul. They may think they are very special, but they are special like special-ed.

As an avid recycler, I could not believe the comment made that Councilman Coady should stick to recycle it’s simple. Where does this person live? In a cave! His ignorance positively floors me. Mr. Coady has given this entire area a great assortment of recycling programs and that is a lot of work. Some of those programs have received national recognition. So Bozo, maybe the environment isn’t important to a cave dweller, but the rest of us sure appreciate the opportunity Councilman Coady has given us over the years. Geez, what a jerk!

I loved Susan Vanik’s non-answer to whether or not she supports direct election of the Carefree mayor. She wrote, “The voters of Carefree deserve to be well informed about changing the way we elect our mayor with comprehensive facts, pro and con, and legal opinion on what this change would mean to the way our town is governed. I want mayor and council to work in a co-operative manner, free of personal agendas and to maintain non partisan elections in Carefree.” Seems to me she is trying for votes on both sides of the issue.

To the fool who wrote in this hallowed section: the optional Carefree court ain’t moving dummy.  If it gets kicked out of the over-priced month-to-month rental space the council has allowed for the past 3 years, it still can’t move into the newly acquired building - the building is occupied by a paying tenant.  It was then what it is now, a PAC of lies.  No attempt was made for 3 years to negotiate a lease with the landlord, not even a phone call until the morning of the special public meeting.  Wanna know why that call was made, stay tuned.

Greg Gardner cooks up the greatest financial deals, like the 20 year, 7 percent, non-callable bonds that Stevens wanted when Carefree purchased the water company.  Wonder who owns them???  Next time you’re out on your patio, having a glass of wine with a large Carefree commercial property owner, maybe you too will get a helluva deal.  Greg can probably find you attractive financing, for a fee. 

So smug-mouth Gemmill spent a bundle to get elected in 2007. Had to, he couldn’t do it on the coattails of the Tea Room alone. Yet he, Fulcher, and Meyer are the primary critics of the initiative to allow the voters in Carefree to directly elect their own mayor.  They say it will open the door for less qualified candidates to buy the election!  Who could be less qualified than Stevens and Fulcher?  Who is this rotten bunch to accuse others of buying an election, when they and Miller bought the last one?  Let’s not forget the venomous PAC that has dedicated all of its resources, including Kiwanis flotsam, to demean the efforts and good intentions of Bob Coady.

I WANT A KIWANIS FREE ELECTION!!!  Maybe we should burn Harold’s down on Tuesday and just get rid of the whole damn bunch.

Interesting article in the Republic. All of a sudden Hayward is representing the Caring about Carefree PAC. Too bad he didn’t have the huevos to put his name on the paperwork in the first place.  I guess he is more interested in getting his picture in the paper.

Wow, Bob Gemmill spent $4,300 in the 07 election! I guess you can buy a council seat in Carefree.

Consider the backgrounds of the Cave Creek Council Candidates. This vast array of public and private experience is quite unique in small town America as many other City Governments would love to have qualified people like this.
Machinery Designer, Small Business Partner, Real Estate/Small Business Owner, Retired Attorney/Real Estate Broker, Arizona Department of Transportation/Retired Consultant, Marketing Director/Turf Paradise, Senior Litigation Council/Arizona Attorney Generals Office, Retired Banking/Several State/Local Planning Entities, Retired Former Mortgage Executive/Local Planning/Advisory Committees
Middle School Counselor/Reading Specialist/Advisory Committees
Law School Student/Advisory Committees
Science Education Writer
However, Grace Meeth (friend/confidant of the ‘town snoop’) who has consistently slowed the decision process lists her occupation as: Weaving Instructor.