How about this, Mr. President

By Mike Stramaglio | February 18, 2009

I have never written to any newspaper or editor prior to this but today I feel I must. Your newspaper is now the only paper I read and I thank you for it!

I am President/CEO of a software development company with world HQ in the North Scottsdale area – 58 years old and second generation American of Italian descent. I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a company and employ roughly 40 people from all of the United States and other parts of the world. I made it a point to hire people from America, India, Switzerland, Japan, China and other great places for the sole purpose of building a company based on American roots and principles and yet learn about and absorb the many benefits of other cultures.

I am a proud American who has worked hard my entire life to raise my family based on the fundamental values that have made America great. I have had family and friends killed in WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam and now Iraq and I am proud of every single one of them.
Where would we be without them!?! My daughter will marry a Captain in the 101st Airborne this year and I could not be more proud of both of them.

So what is my point!? For the first time in my life I am seriously disappointed by what I am seeing today (as are my friends ... left and right!): A President who is a rock star reality show and on TV more than American IDOL, Cabinet Members who fail to pay their taxes, Speaker of the House who thinks we have 500 million people out of work, Gitmo is closed without a real plan of action, charges dropped against terrorists who in fact come back to kill our military (and civilians) and last but not least a “Stimulus Package” that stimulates nothing and no one. Has anyone actually read this “Stimulus” package?! $850 Billion of my (your) money! Every newspaper in America should be presenting this to the public for review and consideration.

Here is an idea … just send a check to every American who promises to spend it. How hard is that!?

The path we are on will not stimulate knowledge, grow companies, employ people, encourage spending nor will it build opportunity or pride in what we do as a people or what we produce as a country. We are now a country where entitlement is a given – an opportunity must be provided NOT created.

I am not as smart as many of our really smart government officials and I understand that nothing is as easy as it sounds. But how about this Mr. President …

Fire 20 percent of all government workers (Companies do it when they need to and boy do we need it now).

You earned $7 million on your book sales, Mr. President. Give up your salary and benefits! Oh and how about term limits for all you people? Come on... one term get some work done and move on! Also you don’t have lifetime health benefits, salaries etc.!

Usage tax: You like to smoke, tax it; you like Vodka, tax it; make it more; raise it up a bit more.

10 percent flat tax for everyone … or 15 percent or some number that is not 50 percent! “Sign an Executive Order” just like you did with Gitmo! You don’t need a real plan or do you!?

Tax cuts for those who invest in hiring people, growing technology, job creation.

Health care and medical costs need to be looked at and reset, but the Government can mandate frivolous lawsuits, capped penalties, and throw the brakes on our legal system. America is the most litigious culture in the world (enough!) and costs come down for doing business. Duh!

Subsidize small companies that hire and train young people during their educational years.

Eliminate the awful SOX compliance policies. They do not work and suck up money that could be spent employing people.

Keep our military strong!

Protect our borders simply by following the letter of the law already in place.

Want the car companies to survive? Don’t bail them out or help them. Everyone with any business knowledge knows that we build GREAT cars. It is the cost per pound that needs to be fixed. Guess where you need to look for this cure!?

Last but not least, America needs to have a real voice, not left or right voices! How about “right” and “wrong” and please don’t tell me that one person’s “right” is another person’s “wrong!” Of course it is, but we will figure it out without a Constitutional Amendment.
Tomorrow I go to work, a proud American. More importantly I will never give up on “people” because people all over the civilized world want the same things: A world that is committed to doing what is right and providing opportunities for those who dream, work hard, sacrifice and offer a helping hand to others in need! It also means having the courage to lead and protect all that we hold dear!

Mike Stramaglio has a nearly 30-year career of leadership in the Office Equipment industry. He is currently President and CEO of MWA (Mobile Workforce Automation) Intelligence, Inc.