Your View | February 11 - 17, 2009

Without Coady to help with their garbage, will some Carefree residents now wallow in it? Maybe the Kiwanis PACs will collect garbage since they contribute to the heavy load.

Obama is our President like it or not. This birth certificate crisis is not really a crisis at all – just a bunch of “sour grapes.” In my over 50 years of age I never felt compelled to write a newspaper as I do now. The entire ‘Your View’ column seemed to be the same writer repeating himself over and over and over again. I’m sure that many different people didn’t send the same comment when there weren’t even that many people at the meeting. Give it a break. Redundancies at their worst. Americans and Carefree citizens believe in voting and electing their officials has anyone watched the news lately? As a Creeker I say, “Give it a try.”

Unless Carefree Mayor Fulcher publicly reverses his stated position opposing direct election of the mayor, I will not vote for him for council this year. I urge all other Carefree voters to do the same. His self-serving position should not be tolerated by the public.

When the Parkway Bank building was in the planning stages, they were told “no drive-in!” They built it in anyway. Is the message they wish to convey: “Trust us – never mind the rules, give it time and you’ll get away with it!

Thanks for the memories Ira.  I remember those days too.  Let’s face it, Carefree suffers from an overabundance of pompous asses that can’t laugh at themselves, only others.

I am well aware that Obama became president the second that Bush’s term expired. Apparently, a flub-up involving a few words in the oath of office being said wrong was considered enough to negate Obama’s first public swearing-in ceremony. However, during the second swearing-in, which was performed in private and will likely be deemed the official ceremony, we can only assume that the right words were used.

News headlines: “At least half of Obama’s Cabinet chiefs are millionaires” and “White House brings on chef who specializes in ‘personalized gourmet cuisine’ and more.” When will Obama announce official policy is “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche?” For us poor out of work peasants it’s “let them eat cake!” I say “freedom, equality and brotherhood!”

I submit that the town of Cave Creek should scrap plans for a “streetscape” and budget for an old fashioned regular basic no-frills good enough sidewalk.

In Carefree, we have the “Good Old Boys;” a few good and most old.  They all have one thing in common; they want to keep the power for themselves at the expense of the rest of us. They hate Bob Coady because he isn’t one of them and doesn’t want to be. In Carefree we call them Kiwanis. In other towns they are just jerks.

Don, I just came across this quote and couldn’t resist: Although the original author is unknown, this so fits the Carefree politicians and their shadowy handlers. “The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck.” - Author Unknown.
It was nice of the town of Carefree to give out citizens’ personal data from the direct election of the Mayor petition so the old council’s PAC could send the junk mail attempting to discredit councilman Bob Coady. How many times can you say backfire?  Except for Coady, let’s all do ourselves a favor and vote a clean house to the Carefree council this election. A new low for paranoid childlike ignoramuses.

Once upon a time there was a nice elderly man who got mixed up with the evil dark knight of Carefree and was convinced to front for a PAC. Now that he passed, the dark knight has recruited an unsuspecting fool for the same purpose. If I remember scripture correctly, wasn’t there a serpent doing the same sort of thing to Eve?

Some people have been persuaded to think Coady started an initiative because he wants to be Carefree mayor. What kind of a moron believes the garbage political committees dish out? Oh, I forgot, its Carefree.

To the fool who wrote in last week’s edition of this hallowed section: the optional Carefree court ain’t moving dummy. If it gets kicked out of the over-priced month-to-month rental space the council has allowed for the past 3 years, it still can’t move into the newly acquired building – the building is occupied by a paying tenant. It was then what it is now, a PAC of lies. No attempt was made for 3 years to negotiate a lease with the landlord, not even a phone call until the morning of the special public meeting. Wanna know why that call was made? Stay tuned. 

Isn’t it funny whenever there is an accident involving a horse, it is never the horse’s fault. Let’s see … a 1200-pound horse is startled by a 150-pound jogger. If your horse is that easily spooked, or if you can’t control your horse, keep it in the corral.