Your View | February 4 - 10, 2009

Recently Lyn Hitchon wrote claiming that A.R.S. "9.821.01 requires a majority for officials to be elected in the primary." Apparently she didn't read the entire statute. A.R.S. 9.821.01 "B" provides that "any town ... may by majority vote of the qualified electors of the town voting on the question provide that at the primary election those candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the offices to be filled shall be declared elected to the office." She also erroneously claimed “Carefree Town Code calls for the Vice Mayor to step into the position of Mayor, should the Mayor be unable to fulfill the duties of office for the full term.” Actually the town code merely provides that "the vice mayor shall perform the duties of the mayor during his absence or disability," not if the mayor cannot continue to serve. The initiative sponsored by Councilman Coady is clearly properly written.

As a member of the P&Z, Lyn Hitchon's very public lack of respect for elected Councilman Coady is inexcusable. Not only is her attitude offensive, it should be of major concern and consideration when choosing the next P&Z.

I know that a birth announcement was published several days after the birth of our president. And if my memory hasn’t failed me, local hospital admissions were printed in my hometown newspaper during this period. Has anyone checked to see if this was done by Honolulu newspaper?
[Editor’s note: The birth announcement was printed in both newspapers on August 13, 1961. The ads only stated: Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., Son, Aug. 4]

I think that most of us are more than aware of Lyn Hitchon's almost pathological hatred of Bob Coady. What I don't understand is why Hitchon or Anna Marsolo would think that the rest of us are so stupid we would not recognize their attempts at manipulation and self interest.

Why don't you just give up on bashing Obama and write about prosecuting Bush for War Crimes. I believe that would interest your readers more.

Why would any confident politician (like the Carefree Mayor) object to a direct election by the people for the office on Mayor? The possibility of the people electing the Mayor sure has the Mayor and the “old council” scrambling and sweating. Wonder why?

Perhaps Bob Coady should have called a lawyer before he wasted the time of 400 Carefree voters with his new initiative. I asked him if it was legal and he said, “Yes.” I signed it and now feel mislead! He should stick to recycling which is pretty simple.

So does this paper have a love affair with Mr. Coady? If I’m not mistaken, didn’t this guy vote against many of the positive changes to Carefree? He voted no on the town gardens and amphitheater (I guess he’d rather have a dirt lot there now), the purchase if the water company, the new fire station (which saved each resident about $850 each year), and most recently, voted no for the gas lamps and new road signs. Don’t forget, he didn’t support the purchase of the building on Easy Street that will be home to the courthouse (where would he suggest the court go if they are thrown out of their present space). No answers from this councilman, just no votes!

This great little town has descended through the depths of political misdeeds to an all time low. When first conceived, Carefree was indeed a town inspired to become carefree by its founders. Now, as in recent election years, most Council incumbents and the narrow, bitter old men supporting them have dragged Carefree into the political abyss. From the dark days of the Stevens administration through the dictatorial Morgan era, and into the vicious, hypocritical Fulcher years we have witnessed the steady decline of political ethics and good taste. These characters continue to tarnish the good name and people of Carefree.

Fulcher has essentially stated that Coady's initiative would be detrimental to Carefree because it would politicize town government. Not surprisingly, Fulcher seems to be one of the architects of the political debasement now roiling through our town. There has never been a good, moral reason to prevent citizens from voting. How many of Carefree's supposed upstanding citizens should be wearing Scarlet Letters?

Is it true the Matt Dingman and Ralph Pipp, supposedly among Kiwanis finest, are once again directing the PACs that mud-sling in Carefree elections?  How sad are these guys?  Also makes you wonder about Vanik and her connection to Kiwanis and P&Z.  Coady must be scaring the hell out of the boys club.