Your View | January 28 - February 3, 2009

I was recently dumbfounded to learn that several of our Cave Creek residents and one county resident accurately predicted the national and international crash two years ago. Kudos to Spitzer, Moore, Natker, Zerkle and Marsolo. I am jealously assuming that each of them came out of this as billionaires.

The Illinois House of Representatives recently voted 114 to 1 to impeach Gov. Blagojevich. The lone dissenter “didn’t have enough information.” I had no idea that Grace Meeth moonlighted as an Illinois Representative.

Since the Carefree six didn’t succeed in killing Bob Coady at the council meeting, I heard they’ve put a bounty on his head. Shouldn’t Coady be jailed for his own protection and to keep the Carefree six from looking any more ridiculous?

I’m calling in response to a recent Your View that starts “Traveling through the heart of Cave Creek on Saturday morning … yes there was an event at Good Shepherd Church and it was for the funeral of one of the finest men I have ever met. How hateful this community has become.

It is very sad that someone born in Kenya, in Africa, is now our President. He has no experience running anything, not a company, or a county or even a filing station. Woe is America for the next four years!

Do you think Bob Coady wants to be mayor of Carefree? He may portray himself as the spokesperson for the people, but the only person he speaks for is himself. Everything he does is self-serving.
[Editor’s note: Bob Coady just turned in petitions for an initiative with over 400 signatures so there are many residents in Carefree who feel Bob Coady’s work is not self-serving, but what is in the best interests of the town and its residents.]

I think the good ol’ boys on the Carefree Town Council are real worried that we citizens will vote in Bob Coady as mayor. Then they’d be in for it.

Now we can rest assured that the very liberal Repulsive Republic will give us a steady diet of kind headlines about Mr. Obama. Even when he is obviously wrong!

Perhaps, when asked, if the mayor council and attorney would have made an effort to read the wording of the proposal they wouldn’t be whining about it now. But of course they didn’t dare. It might mean that the citizens of Carefree are, in fact, sufficiently competent to choose their own mayor. For the past 10 years I have listened to the mayors and council blast, bully and belittle councilman Coady, all to no avail. Councilman Coady is one of the bright lights in town politics – a man of integrity who would prefer to walk alone rather than join in with those who have no one’s best interest at heart but their own.

It is interesting indeed that the day Mr. Obama is inaugurated also sees the Dow Jones Industrial Average lose over three hundred points on the stock market…

The only lynching at the December Carefree Council meeting was when Bob Coady lynched himself with his display of ignorance regarding an initiative he himself wrote without consulting the town laws or the town lawyer.

Your section B, Jan 7-13 is very amusing. You have a picture of Arvel Byrd, an internationally know violinist, blowing a flute in the picture. [Editor’s note: We published the photo provided to us by the PR firm promoting the event.]

I know you won’t print this but I want to congratulate you anyway for finally, finally having the good sense to not run one more stupid article about Barack Obama’s birth certificate on the front page. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Carefree Mayor Wayne “no property tax but astronomical water rates instead” Fulcher has been quoted as saying, “When Carefree voters get all of the information they will make the right choice for Carefree.” Voters have had information available for years but insist on electing councilmen who have succeeded only in running Carefree into the ground with a mismanaged water company, a ridiculous town center, and the ugliest fire station known to man.

Developer Michael Peloquin has finally been defeated. The piece of land on Tom Darlington and the Carefree Highway is going into foreclosure after years of Peloquin suing Carefree to get his way and change the master plan. A quick check of the public record lists scores and scores of lawsuits filed by Peloquin over the years against just about everyone who had the nerve to say no. Carefree just dodged a bullet.