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Let the citizens decide

Bob Coady | Carefree

More than 400 registered Carefree voters have signed the initiative to allow them direct vote of the mayor. This is 36% of all that voted in our 2007 March election. One would think that the council would have moved quickly to give Carefree citizens the same rights as most other Americans enjoy; not so.

In an attempt to create controversy when there is none, Mayor Fulcher and others, have raised frivolous arguments against the Initiative. The claim it is written incorrectly. It is not. Arizona Statute specifically allows for the candidate with the highest number of votes to be elected at the primary. Mayor Fulcher states he is concerned about the cost of lawsuits against the town. Just who is going to sue? Most of us are more than aware that anyone can sue, for anything, at anytime. That is just a fact of life. If Mayor Fulcher is so concerned with lawsuits, perhaps he should consider a staff change, as we have had numerous lawsuits with the ample assistance from one particular staff member.

First term Councilman Gemmill claims that this would open the door for candidates to “finance their way into the mayor’s seat.” The sad fact is that is the way it has always been done. Maybe we should be asking just how much our current council spent in 2007 to get elected. Fear mongering aside, election of the mayor at the primary, would cut the cost of campaigning in half. This would allow citizens to choose the most qualified candidate rather than the best financed.

Another positive aspect to electing the mayor during the March primary election is the timing. If the mayor is an incumbent, he would continue to run the town through May without having to be involved in further campaigning. If the mayor is new to the position, March through May would give him needed time to make a better transition for himself, the new council and most importantly, the staff.

Twice I wrote requesting that this topic be placed on our December agenda. Not only did the mayor deny my request in the necessary time frame, he then placed it on the January agenda and turned the meeting into a political circus. Perhaps I should also mention that I was the only one that did not receive a copy of the agenda showing this item for discussion.

Mayor Fulcher and others are attempting to create as much controversy and confusion as possible in opposing direct election. Virtually every other town and city in the Country uses direct election successfully. Why should Carefree citizens accept less?

The “Direct Election” train has left the station and my fellow council members are not only not on board, they are holding on to the caboose and dragging their heels. Carefree deserves better.

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Steve LaMar for Cave Creek Town Council

Bob Williams | Cave Creek

The purpose of this letter is to unhesitatingly endorse Steve LaMar’s candidacy for Cave Creek Town Council.

I have been a Cave Creek friend of Steve’s for eight years, have worked very closely with him on the Planning Commission and other civic activities for the past five years and am familiar with his reputation as a founder and resident of Cave Creek since 1986. As a resident, a fellow Commissioner and friend, I cannot endorse him strongly enough.

Steve is careful, thoughtful, fair and always professional in all matters that come before the Planning Commission. He is superbly prepared and does not cut corners. Such performance is not always easy in Cave Creek – an environment that we all know can be difficult from time to time.

Not many people are aware of his participation and contributions beyond Cave Creek. Steve’s participation and leadership in a variety of outreach activities in support of children here and abroad are not publicized nor, perhaps, is the fact that he has sponsored the support and education of a young Ugandan orphan for many years. Not surprisingly, he has served as Valley Big Brother for over a decade and served as President of the Board of Directors for Valley Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Steve co-founded and served on the Executive Committee as a founding member of the Board of Directors of Desert Foothills Habitat for Humanity.

As Cave Creek resident, his leadership and contributions are legend. His participation and guidance were invaluable in the town’s incorporation in 1986 and the town continues to call on him because town management understands his commitment and cooperative and imaginative approach to community issues.

He is an avid horseman who seemingly knows every trail in the region.

Most importantly, Steve is not a politician and has no personal agenda – he will always do what is right for Cave Creek.

Apart from all of that, he is very personable and always a pleasure to work with. I have encouraged him to run for Town Council for eight years and finally I can strongly support his candidacy. Cave Creek needs Steve LaMar on the Town Council.

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NIMBYs win again

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek

I must admit I was disappointed this week by Cave Creek Town Council’s denial of Mr. Slaughter’s SUP application. In these economically difficult times, it makes sense to encourage businesses to locate in town that are not seasonal in nature and do not rely on tourist dollars. Look at how many businesses, mostly restaurants, which have failed in the last 5 years in Cave Creek.

Apparently, the mayor conceded being adjacent to a residential property “is a problem the town will have when commercial abut residential,” and yet, voted against it anyway. NIMBYs win again!

It seems to me the town could have benefited from the tax revenue this business would have provided. Especially, while we await the arrival of the mythical food store that the mayor has dreamt of; the one where we all dutifully shop, despite the now 3 percent sales tax we would incur.

Isn’t it around about this time that Mickey Rooney shows up and suggests we all put on a show to save the town?

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Mayor’s Fall Damages More Than His Back!

Buffalo Rick Galeener | Phoenix

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has just announced his latest brainstorm to save US money!

Keep him in office for two additional years after his term expires in 2012!

His reasoning? It will put all city elections on the same cycle, thus creating a savings in election costs. In addition it allows him some time to let the dust settle on his controversial, costly and unfortunately for our police, often deadly term in office, as he hopes for an economic upturn to help erase the voters memories of his failures.

In addition to giving a sweetheart $90 million plus deal to City North, (a large contributor to his campaign fund and a long time Chicago connection), allowing Phoenix to become a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, pandering to illegals under the guise of “supporting Hispanics,” arranging a “double dip” job for his lackey, former Chief of Police Jack Harris, publicly labeling legal citizens and veterans as racists and Nazis, for wanting the laws enforced, Phil Gordon has become a delusional despot. Now he wants to extend his term, like some ancient ruler making a decision for his subjects’ best interests.

What a Crock ‘O Crap! You want to save us money Phil? Cut your term short by two years and accomplish the same objective. We cannot afford five more years of your “open border,” Light Rail, City North, enrich Jack Harris’ and your own coffers, asinine administration.

You were only re-elected by approximately 17 percent of the electorate. Far from a landslide! Face the facts! The legal, taxpaying citizens of Phoenix WILL rise up to bite you on the ass! Your chances of ever becoming governor of Arizona are about as good as O.J. Simpson’s chances of playing golf at the Biltmore tomorrow! Zip! Get a clue and stay out of sight as much as possible. Lay low, in hopes that the conservative base and State legislature in Arizona, begin to correct the damage you and your progressive liberals have inflicted on Arizona and Phoenix in particular.

Congratulations on once again exposing yourself as a fool!

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Carefree bedtime story

Ira Member | Carefree

Now my little Carefreers, where did I leave off? Ah yes, “THE SPOILER” Bob Coady came to town and saw how The Vile Mayor Stevens treated the people of Carefree. THE SPOILER challenged this wicked mayor to a joust. The Cruel Mayor Stevens fell off his high horse. In an act of defiance, Huber Stevens roared “What do these peasants know? They are just citizens!”

While ever so many celebrated that the Horrid Huber Stevens was gone, alas he wasn’t. He hid in his lair and plotted with his familiar, the Imp Pearson and his court jesters, The Pip and The Ding Man. “Evil must survive in Carefree. We must rid ourselves of “THE SPOILER.”

Now, there came to pass that proud, honest knights wanted to help their community by doing good deeds and to aid the downtrodden. To that end they formed the Kiwanian Knights. Unbeknownst to them, a viper was allowed into their Hall. In slithered the despicable Huber Stevens and bringing with him an assortment of his most foul creatures.

Sadly, he corrupted many good knights and made bargains with others such as Greg the Shekel and the feared Dragon Morgan. Slowly, and insidiously, they all conspired and agreed to retain power by any means, but most especially at the expense of the masses.
In a far, distant town, every Tuesday the despicable Huber and his cronies held court. At their Power Table they plot, they connive; they lie and cheat, all to bring about the demise of “THE SPOILER” Bob Coady. They even toast “Here’s to power, here’s to greed.” It is not a pretty picture; for while the court jesters, The Pip and The Ding Man, cavort and act the fools, and the Imp Pearson sits on his lap, the detestable Huber roars, “How dare Bob Coady ruin our precious 7-0 vote! How dare he support what the people need. Off with his head!”

Alas, this is a sad tale, and I fear no happy ending is in sight. A pack of those once much loved, and respected Knights have turned to nasty and unheroic deeds in an effort to keep evil in Carefree.

Fear not my little Carefreers, there may still be a happy ending. We will offer our bedtime prayers that those few good and brave Knights will rebel and cast out the evil doers from their Hall.

…to be continued...

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The tough get going

Thomas McGuire | Cave Creek Town Council

George Ross’s guest editorial and Ralph Mozilo’s letter in last week’s Sonoran News correctly state that the current economic difficulties in Cave Creek cannot be attributed to our Cave Creek leadership. But our recovery and future must be. We cannot let the recession or those who try to use the recession for political gain derail our economic future or the unique vision and identity of Cave Creek.

We need to heed the quotation “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Our Mayor, Council and Town Manager have established citizen committees to help guide us through tough times. Recovery will include both cutbacks and economic sacrifices. We have terminated 14% of our town workforce, and the rest have accepted painful salary reductions. On the other side of the equation, we have increased our sales tax, and water fees are likely to increase. As a council member, I have donated my entire after-tax 2009 council stipend to the town. We also need to encourage Wal-Mart and other lucrative businesses to build in our Carefree Highway business corridor.

We must accept these sacrifices in the light of fulfilling the vision of the citizens who incorporated Cave Creek. Our proud heritage includes the preservation of the summit of Black Mountain in 1973, the purchase of Spur Cross Ranch in 2000, and now annexation and expanded open space in 2009. This is the vision that defines Cave Creek. Now it’s up to Cave Creek voters to continue this vision by rejecting 2009 council candidates who would surrender our future to advance their personal agendas or give in to difficult economic conditions. Please vote for the mayor and the council candidates who have committed to the goals of the Preserve Cave Creek initiative. (www.preservecavecreek.com)

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Woman equestrian airlifted from wash

Linda Carpenter | Phoenix

Your paper promptly reported my misfortune of being airlifted to a trauma center after my horse spooked and I fell, hitting boulders and stone in the wash on the trails right at the end of Schoolhouse Road.

What you failed to report and what I think is most important for Cave Creek to know about that spill is that a jogger came flying over the top of the cliff onto a trail he knows horses use everyday without even slowing down to look. To my horse, the jogger was an attacker and he turned and ran away as fast as he could, dodging huge boulders, to save us. It is pure instinct. This is why I have five broken bones in my back and have not been able to work for more than a month. This is why my medical bills would make anyone sick.

This is why I ask everyone who shares trails with horses and riders: PLEASE pay attention; slow down when you can’t see into the wash or around the bend! HORSES’ AND RIDERS’ LIVES ARE RISK. It is a small thing to ask.

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Dedicated veterinarians

Patti Brubaker | Desert Hills

I would like to give my thanks and deepest appreciation to two dedicated and unselfish veterinarians who gave up their Saturday evening to help an injured dog.

The Saturday evening before Christmas, December 20, 2008, I was returning home after running errands. I saw a dog get hit by a car at the intersection of Joy Ranch Road and 7th Street. The car was travelling at a high rate of speed and the impact left debris scattered all over the road…the driver did not even bother to stop.

Another couple and I stopped but we could not find the dog. I stayed on to look and as I turned my vehicle, the headlights shined on the crumpled body of a small dog. She was still alive. Frantically, I called a friend who called Dr. Cliff Faver, D.V.M. of Animal Health Services of Cave Creek located in Cave Creek. He said that he would be right out. This was Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. Another couple, a Mesa fireman named Shea and his girlfriend, Lynn, stopped to help and called their Vet, Dr. Tami Rolstead who also came to help.

As we comforted the dog, both veterinarians diligently and devotedly tried to help her where we found her.

I transported her to the Glendale Emergency Clinic where the staff did their best but sadly, the dog’s injuries were too severe and she was humanely put down.

Doctor Faver took all financial responsibility and actually found the dog’s owner and although little “Roxie” did not survive, her owners can be assured she was surrounded by love, by people who cared, and was given special care by two veterinarians who gave up their Saturday night to help her.

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Affordable sidewalk

Kim Pollicino | Cave Creek

I am always reading about how the Town of Cave Creek is trying to come up with ways to promote business in our town. After experiencing a day at one of the art festivals with my parents I realized, if Cave Creek was more “pedestrian friendly” more people would spend time here. My parents are in their mid 60s and did not want to walk up the street to find a place to eat because there was not an easy way to walk anywhere. They ended up driving out of town to dine.

I feel that a walkway from one end of town to the other would promote people to shop and eat and just bring life to our town. There must be a visually acceptable/affordable sidewalk that can join both ends of town. I’d love to be able to stroll through town and shop without having to walk in the street or on a slanted gravel walkway that only goes for a block or so. It can be done without disturbing the “look” of Cave Creek.

Ed. note: The town has plans for a “streetscape.” Given the current economic conditions it may be some time before it is a reality.

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