Your View | January 14-20, 2009

How many Carefree Water Company employees does it take to go to Lowes? Apparently it takes four in two trucks. I was there just before the holidays to watch the 4 goof off in the store, stand out and watch the rain for a while then buy one very small item. The four went off joking as they got in the two Carefree town water trucks and sped off. Efficiency at it’s best.

The call for the murder came in at 3 a.m. The lock down for area schools was not called until 7:30 a.m. (some kids already at early school programs) when the auto-dial emergency lock down call to parents failed. School officials at Black Mountain Elementary didn’t resend the lock-down message for over another hour. By then it was 9 a.m. Families had been sitting at bus stops and, worse yet, children were being dropped off. Contacting the school to find out exactly what happened and how they are going to correct this terrible mishap has been met with a bureaucracy of no direct answers.

Traveling through the heart of Cave Creek on Saturday morning, I noticed the Good Shepherd Church seemed to be having some kind of event. In their continuing quest to be excellent neighbors, it was interesting to note that those attending had parked at the roadside, and in the private parking lots of private businesses all around, with gay abandon. Also, not a parking ticket to be found. I miss Bobby already.

Since Good Shepherd of the Hills Church is still harboring illegal aliens and encouraging them to drive up to Cave Creek, I suggest we all make a conscious effort to report them to ICE. The illegals can be seen driving up Cave Creek Road as they get off the 101 and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to pick them out. According to the website for ICE, it states: "To report any suspicious activity or to make a confidential reporting of immigration or customs violations, please call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE." If we all call this number ONCE A WEEK, and demand ICE comes out to shut this illegal activity down, we will all win. Who wants to get hit by one of these illegals driving down Cave Creek Road? I don't. This number should come in handy for reporting local restaurants hiring them too.

It's amazing how bike riders ride on the far left section of their designated lanes, sometimes two and three abreast across the entire lane! Talk about arrogance and ignorance. They even ride down very narrow streets with no designated bike lanes, like Lone Mountain. There is really no room for bikes on the road. Whatever legislator voted for this asinine 3 feet rule must have been on drugs or paid off by some bike group. Laws of physics and basic common sense tells us 15 pound human powered bikes DO NOT and SHOULD NOT mix with 1,500 pound vehicles! Period! Bikes are safety hazards. We need our lawmakers to ban bicycles from the road. Cars and bikes do NOT mix!

Yippee Skippy, last week’s author claimed he was saving gas. Al Gore claims he's saving the environment, but his mansion sucks more electricity than a street full of homes!

Prices have risen for fuel. Now that gas has DECREASED to record levels in the last month or two, are we going to see our bills go down, like APS, groceries, and services?

When are the feds going to crack down on the valley car wash facilities hiring illegal aliens? We all know they do it, have been doing it, and will continue to do it until they get busted.

The rest of the Carefree council is upset by Councilman Coady's initiative for direct election of the mayor. His initiative is overwhelmingly supported by Carefree citizens, as shown by the hundreds of voters who so far have signed in support of direct election. It appears Coady's initiative is likely to be voted in by a huge majority.

We should all be alarmed that Carefree Town hall updated every council member with a last minute agenda except Councilman Bob Coady. They then ambushed him at the meeting and attacked his effort to have Carefree move to a people-elected mayor. I think the mayor and others on the council just showed their dirty hands. These guys should be behind bars.

According to my calculation, there are at least 17 million square feet in the state land annexed by Cave Creek. I propose the town launch a world publicity campaign to sell ownership in a square foot for $1 each. Foreigners will be eager to snap up pieces of the "wild west" complete with land deeds and Cave Creek will have $17 million more to squander away.

We should all remember this quote from the Roman statesman Cicero back in 55 BC: “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign land should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance!

Which state is more screwed up – Minnesota, where they can’t seem to count the votes properly … or Illinois, where their governor seems to be crooked?