Your View | January 7-13, 2009

Gracie has got to go. She's a slug who is not equipped to deal with the issues facing Cave Creek. Although email challenged, she would like her constituents to believe that she can understand and offer solutions to water issues, annexation issues etc. Sorry Gracie, the locals have caught on to you and your 'town snoop' friend.

Build a consensus! Apparently 6-1 votes aren't good enough for our Mayor Fulcher. Now we need a council where all his little minions vote exactly as they are told. Maybe we need a consensus for a new mayor.

Sonoran News reports, "Mayor Vincent Francia is bringing together some of the best financial minds in the community early next month to brainstorm about the best ways to survive the present economic crisis." I suggest that the town of Cave Creek with only about 5000 residents spend a lot less money. Wait! I forgot! Politicians love to spend other folks' cash. Never mind.

Mayor Francia proposes that Cave Creek have its own grocery store to generate tax revenue for the town. Why should I pay a tax on food when there is none at Fry's Signature store on Carefree Highway?

There is a simple and painless solution to Cave Creek's financial woes. Just open an upscale gentlemen's club ("Kim's") across from Harold's. Ten and one dollar bills would pour into Cave Creek at a rapid rate, ending the town's financial crisis. The nearest competition would be almost 15 miles away and the town would have a monopoly in the area. It is obvious Carefree isn't moving ahead with the proposal to open "Wayne's" club in the town center.

According to a published report, the Cave Creek council is considering adopting a "notice of intent" to raise water rates substantially. I hereby give notice of intent to financially oppose any council member voting for a water rate increase.

Thank you, thank you, Linda Bentley, for your articles regarding Obama's birth certificate. My husband and I are watching this very closely as I wish the whole country was. We can only hope that someone of power wakes up to this very serious issue. Keep us posted. We look for your article every week.

The Cave Creek Mayor wants us to buy our gas at one of the three local gas stations. I refuse to buy my gas at the Circle K on the west end of town. The Circle K manager wants me to go inside the store to get the receipt and hopes I will buy something else. Even though it is the most convenient place for me to buy gas I won’t shop there until I can get my receipt at the pump.

Let me see if I understand Linda Bentley’s article on ASU students riding light rail for free: The taxpayers subsidize ASU. The taxpayers subsidize the light rail. Now taxpayers are expected to pay a nearly $1 million ‘double dip’ subsidy for both the light rail and ASU because of ASU student light rail riders? I thought the idea of light rail paying for itself eventually was to have people who ride it purchase a ticket. What possible ‘public’ benefit are we to derive from this expenditure of tax dollars?

Was the young steer returned safely home? We didn’t have much to go on. A photograph would have been helpful; they all kind of look alike to most of us. Knowing what the brand looked like would have helped too.

Although the city of Phoenix had no legal right to subsidize CityNorth, I’m not sure it will make a difference in the long run. The minds of the people making the decisions seem to suffer from a serious lack of understanding the role of government. These must be the same people who voted for Obama.

To the Your View contributor who commented about seeing new faces on the Cave Creek council if water rates are increased: Two thoughts. First, what do you expect the town to do about providing water in this economic situation? Default on the loan, have our credit rating ruined (which will cost us every time we need to borrow money, if we can borrow at all) and have the water company sold to who knows who? Secondly, what makes you think we’re going to see the same faces on council in the next term – regardless of water rates? If you’ve been paying attention, there are plenty of reasons to replace some of the current faces of members of the Cave Creek council with new ones.

It was heartwarming to read the story about Bannack Wheeler, the 11-year-old free throw shooter. We would all enjoy more stories that show the positive side of life – as individuals, parents, and members of our community. Thanks, Pete and Sonoran News!

I thought Linda Bentley’s front page article on the latest suit against Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) was excellent. The basis of the suit precludes the argument of standing. The constitutional issues cannot be ignored; eventually the Supreme Court will have to resolve the question of Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

If the brightest financial minds in Cave Creek can figure out a way to survive the economic nightmare facing the town, we can sell the solution to cities and towns across the country and bring an end to our financial problems.