Your View | September 17 – 23, 2008

Gary Rust is right! Bobby Hernandez is a jerk, and further more he has been out of control for sometime. He needs to be fired!

The latest issue of "Carefree Cares," the town's official newsletter (aka propaganda sheet) trumpets "continued investment in our town center is critical to our economic viability." Unfortunately the town council has confused investment with wasting more money on added clutter that will never return a dime in added sales tax revenue. To use a phrase said recently, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. The town council needs to rip out all the town center junk and reinvent the area with added parking and better roadways to make the town center inviting rather than a driver's nightmare.

The town has been silent about the Bobby Hernandez situation. Although I can understand they don’t want to admit culpability, they are losing the opportunity to drop the case, issue a public apology and put Hernandez out to pasture. Then hope the Rusts practice good Christian principles and let go of a bad situation. I couldn’t. I would sue for damages, but then I am not a practicing Christian.

Don is right, the town needs to revisit its complex and draconian ordinances and water them down substantially. It could be a great idea to amend the complaint ordinances to allow complaints by town citizens only. And let’s replace the current two man police force with one, just one, with measurable diplomatic skills.

If this town wants to rule by fear, they should continue with the status quo. If they don’t then somebody, either the town manager or the town marshal need to change their ways, and damned quick. I find the Hernandez person’s actions deplorable, disgusting and unacceptable. This isn’t Cuba or Russia – or is it?

I don’t know what actually happened between those people and Bobby Hernandez, but I can tell you that Bobby has had to come to my house twice. On both occasions the young man was more than nice and helpful. I do feel he is sort of getting a raw deal here. Unless you were there you don’t know what happened. He even gave us the arborist, Glen Fahringer, and both gentlemen have been wonderful as far as helping us keep our property the way it is supposed to be in Cave Creek. Instead of complaining, I appreciate their help.

Foothills Animal Rescue is certainly doing a huge disservice to the animals by slandering Animal Health Services. That’s just a terrible thing they’re doing. Everyone should be working toward the best thing for the animals and the best care for them as well.

There was a misprint about the illegals calling my number. Please correct it. It was Cox TV not cops. The cops are doing a pretty good job so please check that. Thank you.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the headline on Curtis Riggs’ article on the Lewis neighborhood meeting. It’s no surprise the neighbors aren’t buying into feigned interest by Lewis as to their ideas for the Terry property. No one else in Cave Creek will either.

I bet all of the greenies are excited about the open space master plan. The rest of us are too, but we won’t gush over it.

I can’t wait to find out the new name for the Satisfied Frog. It’s a great place to eat, drink and be merry. The name is not as important as the food, the service and the fun, but it will be interesting nonetheless.

The photo of the rescued horse on last week’s front page was enough to make you cry. People shouldn’t be allowed to have totally dependent animals in their care and treat them as though they don’t matter.

Question: Does Adam Stein have the cajones to dump his loose cannon, Deputy Bob? The guy is a comic book cop and a disgrace to the badge and the uniform. The sign incident is just one of many trumped up incidents that have taken place in the area. Check around. Bobby Hernandez needs to find a position he can handle. I hear that CCUSD needs school bus drivers ... assuming they can afford the buses in this tightwad school district.

Ever since the $40,000 Carefree lizard slide was constructed it has not contributed to town revenues. Accordingly, I propose a fence and $0.25 token-operated turnstile to use the slide. Each child using the slide would have to personally buy tokens at the town offices. That would serve as a reminder to the child that nothing is free and a reminder to voters as to who generously provided the cash for the luxury slide.

If the Republicans turn out in force for the McCain/Palin ticket, (Mary) Manross will thankfully be retired. Talk about being time for a change, which is the Democratic one and only platform, she is gone. And good riddance.

There are three "no trespassing" signs on a wire stretched across the entrance to the Village at Surrey Hills ("luxury town homes"). The development's website is unresponsive. Apparently there is no demand for $600,000 views of the Wagon Wheel Coffee Shop on Cave Creek Road.