Your View | September 10 – 16, 2008

GREAT PICK!! I love it. John McCain meets this his V.P. RUNNING MATE two times before he picked her. Passes over everyone else who have more experience. Four years of Bush and more of McCain. Makes me wish Richard Nixon was still around.

I am beyond insulted that John McCain would think I would support his platform because he has chosen a running mate with breasts! Oh sure, I am really going to sleep well knowing that if John has the "big one " a hockey mom will fill the breach. I'm sure that, right now, Osama Bin Laden is having a very big laugh at our expense.

Senator McCain, let me put this in military jargon, and maybe then you will understand: You have been MIA as our elected representative. You walk the walk, but you don’t talk the talk when it comes to representing our troops. You have consistently voted against benefits for those troops. How do I know this? Check your past voting record, and just who our soldiers are supporting in this upcoming election.

Terrific, now we can have a self-described hockey mom as Commander in Chief if anything happens to the VERY old Mc Cain. Looks like Cancer isn’t Mc Cain’s only problem, we can add Dementia.

It is good to see Councilman Coady getting the recognition he deserves. The efforts of the scumbag good old boy crowd to stay in power in any manner possible, including trying to unseat the town's best councilman, is nothing less than a disgrace and stain on Carefree. Carefree voters who support the good old boy establishment remind me of Stepford wives' mentality.

A recent Sonoran News letter to the editor supported even more lighting and signs in the Carefree core. Electrified gas lights are a joke. Wasting money on cosmetic changes there is like putting a Band-Aid on someone run over by a truck. The downtown area was ruined when the misguided Morgan project removed much of the parking area and twisty, narrow roads made driving slow and hazardous. The final nail in the coffin was construction of the ugly fire station that eliminated what little potential there was for additional parking. Once an area begins to die and merchants and customers flee, it is virtually impossible to save it.

The shocking and appalling jailing of two Creekers, each charged with four misdemeanor counts, for posting an allegedly illegal "for sale by owner" sign is simply a symptom of the nearly complete abrogation of the Cave Creek council's responsibility for managing town affairs. If anyone hasn't figured it out by now, Cave Creek is run by the town manager under the technical auspices of council members most of whom are too dimwitted to appreciate what is going on around them.

A tip of the hat to Sonoran News' classified section. For a modest fee I quickly found someone who did an excellent job of cleaning for a reasonable price.

I’m in love! Sarah Palin renews my faith in politics and I not only will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket but I am sending my maximum contribution today. Go Hockey Mom! Oh, and you too, John.

Anna Marsolo needs to mind her own business. She needs to repay the bail money the Rusts had to pay since she couldn't keep her nose where it doesn't belong. So nice of her to pick up litter in the town. Too bad she can't remove herself.

Well I’m shocked and sorry to hear that Mayor Gordon fell off his ladder trimming his tree. Both shocked that he didn’t hire an illegal alien and sorry that it wasn’t an extension ladder 25 feet or higher.

Senator McCain is the world’s biggest phony. He always disappoints the people who are foolish enough to vote for him. He’s currently pretending to be pro-life but he votes for pro-choice judges.

To those people who are running north and south on Pima at 10-15 miles under the speed limit: You need to be thankful people aren’t carrying guns in their vehicles because some people do have places to go and things to do and you’re holding them up and also encouraging road rage. Just food for thought …

I have a great idea for the new front-page survey question for Sonoran News. This would be a follow up to the questionnaire on Obama. This one would read: John McCain is a) main stream Republican b) fascist or c) sock puppet for lobbyists and special interests. There that should round out the ability of people to voice their opinions about both candidates and would be fair and balanced.

On Butte Companies' "easystreetcarefree" website, the Carefree town motto is stated as, "Home of cowboys and caviar, where the Old West meets the new." I propose an alternative motto, "The town where customers of the Carefree Water Co. pay exorbitant rates rather than a property tax and get no tax deduction."