Lighting downtown with gas

gaslampA worker installs one of the new gas lamps in downtown Carefree. The lighting of the downtown gas lamps will take place during the Town Center concert on Thursday, Sept. 18. There are 15 lamps, which, are actually powered by electricity, and two real gas lamps that are just off the Sundial, which will make up the Carefree Gas Lamp District. The lighting will take place during the intermission of the concert, which starts at 7 p.m. Local favorite Igor’s Jazz Cowboys will perform at the September Town Center concert.

Photo by Curtis Riggs

Geocaching amateur finds more than she bargained for

By Linda Bentley | September 10, 2008

Treasure seeker urges caution in dealing with strangers on the internet
CAVE CREEK – Geocaching, considered a high-tech global scavenger hunt and great family fun, is an activity where people can either hide or search for hidden caches of treasures at various sites by registering on and providing the longitude and latitude coordinates of where they’ve hidden a cache or where they would like to search for one.
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