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By Don Sorchych | August 20, 2008 Don Sorchych

• GSOTHEC lies
• Russell Pearce, da man!

I have been assured by Mayor Vincent Francia that a new ordinance will be written to replace the one defeated in court by ACLU and their fellow commissars, MALDEF. He will be seeking input from council members on this matter and others at a retreat to be held on Monday, Aug. 25 at town hall, at 2 p.m.

Although the town is not overrun by illegal aliens as it once was they are showing up in increasing numbers. The center of attraction for illegals is still the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church (GSOTHEC) parking lot. When they fail there, they stroll the streets.
But an ominous change is on the front page of this week’s edition. Basin Street residents showed us a “camp” on the Bob Kite property. A tent was erected there and the ground was littered with garbage of all kinds, including human feces.

Town Marshal Adam Stein was unable to find anyone home so he razed and cleaned up the site.

There was a time when as many as six “migrant camps” were in town off Cave Creek Road across from Cartwrights and lining Grapevine Wash. Stein had eradicated all of them.

I had my second interview with Channel 3 TV on the matter although the good Reverend Glenn Jenks of GSOTHEC seems to get top billing. Jenks, who no longer practices law, after the Arizona Bar made a deal with him to surrender his right to practice for an infraction concerning co-mingling clients funds with his own.

edit cartoonIn the interview Jenks was quoted as saying what I was doing (taking pictures of ‘day workers’ being picked up and publishing them) was “silly” but I could do whatever I wanted as long as I stayed off his property.

“His” property? There he goes co-mingling again.

Isn’t it interesting that I, an American citizen, would be trespassing if I stepped on GSOTHEC property while illegals congregate there every day except Sunday?

But even though the church said they were no longer in the day worker business, they lied.
Recently a friend of my wife, Shari Jo, shopped in GSOTHEC’s Gold Mine gift shop.

She heard a woman ask one of the volunteer clerks where she could find a “day worker.” She was informed by the clerk, to come to the parking lot after 6 a.m. and they would be there.

The friend criticized the clerk for her “aiding and abetting” but then noticed the hostile glares from all the church volunteers.

Also an elderly man, who was one of the volunteers when the church supervised their day labor center, drops off cases of bottled water each day. When the illegals give up at about 9:30 a.m. and file through the west parking lot gate on their way to Village Apartments, they are usually carrying the cases of bottled water on their shoulders.

You have to wonder if church funds are used to hydrate all the apartment dwellers.

The point here is GSOTHEC has institutionalized the care and feeding of illegal aliens, yet deny access to legal Americans.

How special!

Russell Pearce, conservative patriot
It pains me to see the viscous attacks on Russell Pearce. I have without any equivocation compared him to conservative Icon Barry Goldwater.

Pearce is in a Republican dogfight for a state senate seat with Kevin Gibbons, Congressman Jeff Flake’s brother-in-law, who makes his living as an immigration attorney.

Contributions to Gibbons come from business owners who profit from hiring illegal aliens. We will publish a list of those in next week’s edition.

Nathan Sproul, a backsliding operative with a checkered career in politics has brutally attacked Pearce. He latched on to accusations made by a way far left wing alternative newspaper and splashed it all over the media.

The claim is Pearce assaulted his current wife 28 years ago. Although divorce records filed at the time had testimony to that effect from his wife, she now says it isn’t true. Here is what Russell’s wife Luanne wrote:
“Recently opponents of our State’s employer sanctions law made despicable, misleading and false attacks on my husband and our family. Twenty-eight years ago a petition for divorce was filed on my behalf. The allegations in this 28 year old document are not true and the petition was shortly thereafter withdrawn.

“The people behind this “Mesa Deserves Better” committee are not honorable. Their only purpose is to destroy my husband’s good reputation, to hurt our family and to repeal the law which prevents them from hiring individuals who are in this country illegally. I urge everyone to reject these mean spirited people and all who are affiliated with them. It is apparent that they will go to any length and use any measure to further their own political agenda.

“My husband is a good man, a man of faith who taught our children and grandchildren the meaning of honor and duty to God, Family and Country. I hope all voters in District 18 join me in supporting my husband for State Senate and rejecting these misleading and false attacks.”

Well said, and good enough for me.

I believe as many do, Jeff Flake is behind this. Pearce explored running against Flake and this is payback time. And, of course, Flake is for amnesty and open borders.

The Republic weighed in with an editorial titled, “Defending Pearce.”

They ranted against Sproul’s “crass opportunism,” but also left no doubt they didn’t like Pearce’s success in passing legislation to rein in the hiring of illegals.

And disgustingly, here is how they ended their “defense.”

After writing that Sproul and his backers should apologize to Pearce, they wrote: “And while they are at it, they should apologize for forcing us to come to the defense of this guy.”
Aren’t the Republic editors cute?

I have known Russell Pearce since Prop. 200 was an infant. I know him as an honest, tough, brave, competent leader who should be praised to the skies rather than denigrated. And you won’t find anyone more patriotic, more caring about America. He has accomplished much against incredible odds and I pray his neighbors vote him into the senate where his leadership is sorely needed.