Your View | August 13 – 19, 2008

I am in the process of calling any restaurants that DO NOT display E-Verify compliance signs on their front doors and drive thru windows. As customers, WE MUST DEMAND they have these signs up. Call them, and tell them you will not eat there until you see the signs up, and they verify future AND current employees. There are PLENTY of high school kids available to work these jobs. It's been done for years!

Many years ago, Carefree Highway was paved with rubberized asphalt on the East Bound lanes only. To this day, they never did the West Bound lanes. I wonder why?

The COPP wants to "preserve their rural way of life." Can someone please tell this group of senior citizens that they live in Scottsdale, population 200K, which is part of the Metro Phoenix area, population 6 MILLION which makes us 5th largest city in the U.S. The COPP is so misguided, misinformed and KILLING this community! Thank Sonoran News for helping them every time you can. If they would like to move somewhere "rural" like Gila Bend, let’s give them a hand and get them out of town!

Except for Las Vegas and Miami, in the year ended May 2008 the Phoenix metropolitan area showed the worst home price decline (26.5%) of the 20 regions measured by the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. I submit that any changes in zoning from residential to commercial should occur during a boom period, not when the economy is soft, local politicians are scrounging around for every extra dime they can find, and the town's negotiating position against property owners is at its weakest.

Carefree Council really should get their eyes checked; they are suffering from severe short sightedness. First they spend all that money to build a hideous fire house that isn't even built green. Now, they are spending more money to light up a town center that is all but abandoned.

Just wanted to say; KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! It's about time citizens got heard and I heard you all the way to Indiana.

Thanks for putting the pictures of aiders and abettors on your front page.

The Carefree council is so excited about their goofy Gas Light project that they had to hold a special meeting to approve additional expenses. Oh, that meeting was a week before the scheduled council meeting and barely had the required 24 hour notice. If something smells bad, it probably is bad.

Gas Light Alert: Don't look now Bob, but the new shopping complex on Pima just north of the 101 appears to have, oh my God, gas lamps! Is that why you are in such a rush to get those dumb lights installed, so Carefree can claim to be first? Who is going to drive another 12 miles north to see Carefree lights, closed shops, and mediocre restaurants? If you can't get a life, at least get a clue.

I was emotionally heartened to watch out-of-towner Atticus Finch speak out against orator Eloquentus Pompositus at a recent Cave Creek town council meeting. While the decision was obviously a foregone conclusion, I am sure Mr. Finch took satisfaction in seeing the vote was only 5-2 to convict the council member of doing something that the orator could not show was improper in the first place.

It must be nice to be married to an heiress. Sadly, McCain doesn't seem to realize that there are many Americans trying to exist by counting their pennies. If inflated tires help to save those pennies, so be it. Just who is the elitist exactly?

Is there anything else the Carefree council can do to screw up the town center? Only recently they have announced plans for deceleration (from 10 MPH to 5 MPH I guess) lanes, goofy electrified gaslights, and even more unnecessary signs adding to the town's cluttered appearance. Maybe if former Mayor Ed Morgan leaves town Carefree can rip out all his "improvements" and have room for parking and roadways. Oops! I forgot about his Lewis condo/retail project that would still jam up the area. Never mind.

I just got back from a Phoenix Fry's store where I got a 10% seniors' (55+) discount on all food items (first Wednesday of the month) and paid no sales tax. Thanks to the Carefree council the town has the highest municipal sales tax rate (3%) in the state. Ask me why I don't shop for food in Carefree.

If Mayor Fulcher really is serious about expanding business and tax revenues in Carefree, he needs to initiate an annual porn festival complete with lots of porn stars. Jenna Jameson might even show up, guaranteeing to upstage anything Cave Creek can offer. Tourists would appear by the thousands eager to spend cash.

If Cindy McCain can spend $750,000 on credit cards in one month, can someone please tell why she can't buy her husband a new shirt? I am sooooo tired of the blue check shirt.