Your View | August 6 – 12, 2008

I submit it is time for either Cave Creek town officials to stop spending like sailors on shore leave for city-like grandiose projects or propose a town property tax. The well has run dry on suitable areas to convert from desert rural to commercial to try to enhance the town’s sales tax revenues by small amounts. Town officials should remember that Cave Creek isn't named North Phoenix.

I drove through Cave Creek's new Stagecoach Village recently at dusk and saw signs announcing more shops scheduled to open soon. Then I drove through Carefree. I'm sure the new Carefree electrified gaslights will do a wondrous job of illuminating the dark or vacant storefronts.

News headline: "Scottsdale condo conversion market hits wall." Maybe that has something to do with why the Lewis project in Carefree hasn't begun.

Rural/Metro Corp. has agreed to pay nearly $1 million to settle billing claims in the Washington D.C. area. Out of Carefree's pocket into the government's! Thanks Carefree council! Good job!

After Linda Bentley’s piece about Clancy Jayne, there is no way he’ll be elected Justice of the Peace for the new Desert Ridge Justice Court. Nor should he be. He’s obviously much more familiar with being on the other side of the bench.

Within Maricopa County houses prices are down 25 percent or more, the county assessor is cutting home tax bills, and new home builders are slashing prices to help clear their inventory glut. Yet home insurers are not cutting insurance rates, telling the public that replacement construction costs are rising. That sounds like a rip-off to me.

Obama should run for president of Germany. He might win there – for one term only.

Whoever cut down those three trees across from your office made a very bad mistake!

Obama is a joke – a bad joke!

I personally hope the Gods, Mother Nature and Mother Earth all have their way with the person that owns the plaza by Sonoran News. That was just atrocious – what was done to those trees. And I sure hope he pays for that.

Perhaps Mr. Orton would rather have a property tax in Carefree. The ‘goofy’ ideas town council has to bring revenue to the town to pay for his free fire subscription, clean water, free concerts, and beautiful Town Center are because of an excellent town council’s management.

I see the new Desert Advocate. I had 90 seconds to spare so I decided to read all of the editorial content in that paper. Why don’t they just call it the Penny Saver North? At least they could get some pictures in there. Maybe they can get Ross Mason back. I hear he’s not working.

I just moved into the area and I’m actually trying to find a map. I thought you guys at Sonoran News would have a good map of the area that lists the different names of local landmarks. If you know of a free map that shows the area, I would greatly appreciate it. Editor’s note: Please stop by our office to pick up a copy of a free Cave Creek brochure that includes a map.

What kind of justice system would uphold the convictions of Ramos and Compean, two honorable Border Patrol Agents putting themselves on the line, doing their jobs to protect the security of our country? It’s despicable.

Not only is Carefree going for a gas lamp district, they’re going at break neck speed. It’s amazing to watch the council in action. It happens so infrequently it should be recorded for posterity. Is someone photographing or better yet, filming these momentous decisions? These records could be invaluable down the road, when this fiasco is recognized for what it is, to identify those responsible.

Tell us it’s not true. Le San Souci gone forever? Louie, what will we do without you? Where will we go for the finest dining and the best food on the planet? There must be someone out there who has what it takes to continue Louie’s great success in French cuisine. But maybe not – for $2.9 million. Ouch!

The increase in oil prices impacts all of us in different ways. How delightful that something as positive as a delay in chip sealing is one of the ways we’re being affected!

I enjoy reading Ward Connerly’s Guest Editorials. They are always intelligent and well written. “T. Boone want to kick the foreign oil habit” in the July 30th issue seems to be the first exception. To think our nation’s reliance on foreign oil can be alleviated with wind power only is simply unrealistic. What about solar power? What about drilling? Perhaps T. Boone is the shortsighted one. Or perhaps Connerly didn’t cover his entire plan in the article. There needs to be more to any serious energy plan than wind power.

Great news that a wheel chair was donated almost immediately for the veteran in need. Such anonymous generosity renews my faith in this place we all call home. I didn’t know there was a Kiwanis loan closet for such things.