Politics cause Mayor Francia to monitor Olympics closely

By Curtis Riggs | August 6, 2008

olympics logoFreedom of Tibet an issue for practicing Buddhist

CAVE CREEK – Longtime Mayor Vincent Francia will be watching this month’s Summer Olympics in Beijing, China not only for the track events and the gymnastics. He will be paying rapt attention to the summer games to see how the Chinese handle the issue of Tibet and the protests that are sure to break out over it.

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Focus on quality at Easy Street Shoe Repair

By Curtis Riggs | August 6, 2008

easy street shoeWatch repair too
CAREFREE – If you can’t bear to throw away those favorite old shoes even though they are showing their wear a trip to Easy Street Shoe and Watch Repair may be in order.
Third-generation cobbler Gabriel Aronov has been serving residents who step into his business near the Sundial in downtown Carefree for a decade.

He specializes in creating custom-made shoes for people who have bunions or other problems with their feet and can also repair your favorite pair of shoes or cowboy boots. Crafting or modifying shoes to help with someone’s balance or to help hide a disability is another specialty of Aronov’s.

He can also repair, or set, virtually any watch or clock.

Aronov, who hails from Russia, worked for Custom Form Shoes in New York before moving his family west to Arizona.

Visit Gabriel at 18 Easy Street in Carefree or call 480-595-5493.

Photo by Curtis Riggs