Your View | July 30 – August 5, 2008

I saw a picture of Mr. Saban where he had bought a car to run for Sheriff. I remembered you sent me some of his thought's that seemed very odd but to see this man next to this tiny car it is very clear your assessment is correct. Can candidates use their funds to buy cars? It is scary to see the strange people that run for office sometimes. I hope Sheriff Arpaio wins. I would hate to see our sheriff deputies having to drive those little cars. My husband said that he looked like 20 lbs of sh** in a five gallon bucket.

Is it possible Carefree councilman David Schwan is crass enough to badger an elderly resident in church, just because they wrote a e-mail to the council opposing town lighting? Yes, and not only was he crass enough to do it, he was dumb enough to do it on two occasions! David, portraying yourself as a proponent for assistance to elderly or infirmed residents seems hypocritical in light of such tasteless actions. You should wear the cowboy hat you mentioned; it would make you seem taller before the next election.

According to a recent report, Carefree had seven home foreclosures in the first half of this year. I wonder how much water rates of the Carefree Water Co. contributed to that development?

Within Maricopa County very little remains of old ghost towns. Accordingly, because it is headed in that direction anyway, I propose that the Carefree town center be developed as a ghost town tourist attraction. With Rawhide having moved to the Gila River Indian Community and the Decades theme park proposed for Eloy, Carefree could become a magnet for tourist dollars and associated tax revenue. Of course, the project might require additional zoning changes from residential to commercial as was done on the northwest corner of Cave Creek Rd. and Carefree Highway.

Barack Hussein Obama is tone-deaf when it comes to people's sensitivities: while visiting Middle East Muslim leaders, he sat with his legs crossed at the knees, showing the soles of his shoes to the hosts, which is a horrible insult in that part of the world. In addition, he erased Old Glory from the vertical stabilizer of his campaign airplane and replaced it with an "O" logo rolling over what seems to be the Stars and Stripes. Give him time, and he'll have the entire world pissed off at him!

According to my calculations, $24,950 in Coyote Awards cash was distributed to persons who aren't Cave Creek residents. I would remind Cave Creek politicians that those outside the town can't vote for them. At least Carefree boondoggle cash mostly stays in the immediate area. I wonder if any of the Coyote Awards statues ever become personal sex aids?

News item: Woman falls in parking lot and is transported by Life Flight helicopter to a hospital. Excuse me while I bite my tongue.

If knowing when to use one’s napkin is considered elite, then after these last eight years, I'm ready for an Obama in the White House.

Carefree's former Mayor Ed Morgan is proud of having spent millions to remove a high percentage of the town center's available parking and turn the roadways into a twisty jumble. Now businesses are fleeing the area. It took a while for leases to run out.

I’m all for protecting the rights of individual property owners, but there ought to be a way to protect the public from property owners who destroy trees that look like they have been standing for 100 years. We live in a place where humans and animals alike seek out shade whenever possible. The blatant destruction of beautiful, healthy trees, for what reason I cannot imagine, should not have happened. Cave Creek is less green, less beautiful and far less shady because the Rico Plaza owner decided it would be so? God help us.

I’m calling in regards to the Your View asking the question about the house fire being found by infrared. They were wondering why … what was going on in the home on July 2 with the fireplace. The answer is the people who own the home were having a beautiful interior design photo shoot done by their interior designer, which happens to be moi, and the fireplace was lit for only 20 minutes to take the picture. We found out later there was a malfunction in the fireplace, the way it was built, and that’s how the fire started. So there’s the answer to your question. I know it seems odd with a fire being on in the fireplace, but I hope that explains it.

I watched in horror Saturday morning as some of the most beautiful trees in Cave Creek were cut down in Rico Plaza. What the hell is up with that? What kind of a maniac made that decision?

There are so many useless bureaucrats … Phil Gordon and Janet Napolitano immediately come to mind. Phil will undoubtedly go away due to the recall effort, but what is it going to take to get rid of Napolitano?