Your View | July 23 – 29, 2008

Carefree's brilliant town council unanimously approved the final plat and subdivision improvement plan for Black Mountain Vistas on the west side of the mountain. Planning guru Neiss said planned retention basins would reduce the volume of water run off. During a heavy rainstorm I plan to watch the deluge of water coming down the 20-30 percent slope that avoids the basins and hits the houses. But maybe the homes will all include backyard swimming pools.

Barack Obama is extremely short on experience. Has he ever run a business – or a town – or a county – or a state? None of these … not one!!

Sonoran News reports, "Several objections were raised about Major General Plan Amendments in Cave Creek at the Carefree Town Council meeting on July 8. Those at the meeting worry that converting residential into commercial property would create problems for neighbors." Nobody mentioned that the town of Cave Creek was neither consulted nor even notified before the change in zoning from residential to commercial on the northwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway, the site of Lowe's Carefree store.

Hey Don, after printing the controversial “God Bless America” about Barack Hussein Obama and the picture of an illegal choking his crotch you now offend us with front page dildos and call them “coyotes.” Shame on you!

I thought it interesting that San Francisco should want to memorialize President Bush with his own sewage plant. Perhaps Carefree could show the same support by changing Black Mountain Sewer. I'm just not sure if we should name it Hugh Steven's Poop Gathers Inc. or Ed Morgan's Memorial Crapper Collector. Both work for me.

In checking the June 9, 2008 Maricopa County Environmental Services restaurant inspection report for Cave Creek's Tonto Bar & Grill, I saw the notes included, "Warning: Due to repeated, severe, and/or numerous violations noted on this inspection legal action is being initiated. Failure to permanently correct violations noted on this inspection may result in probation and/or closure of your establishment." I'll be avoiding Tonto until their rating improves.

There is one thing Barack Hussein Obama does these days. He changes his mind – to fit the campaign.

I wonder if anybody noticed how all the Arizona license plates are deteriorating? I wonder what low end process they are using?

Carefree Council wants to create a "Gas Light district," colonial style?? We thought this was the west. If the merchants want to create traffic in downtown Carefree perhaps a red light district would help the tired, worn out town. Look what Stagecoach village did to create an atmosphere.

Don, I have a question. I’m reading the local new briefs and I’m trying to figure out under the headline “Infrared used to find fire.” Why would somebody on July 2nd be running a fireplace in their home?

I agree with the Your View from the previous week. Gas lamps in Carefree is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard of and for $100,000 I hope whoever installs them has to rent one of the many, many vacant spaces in Carefree at least for a year while they install them and rip us off.

I’m looking at Your View and notice people complaining about illegal aliens up there for day labor. I don’t know if you know this, but it is not against the law for a private citizen to hire an illegal as long as they’re not using them for a job. You can check the codes on that. Just wanted to let you know.
Ed. Note: Wrong! It is illegal to hire an illegal alien for any purpose.

Bil Canfield’s cartoon in last week’s issue, portraying Grace Meeth as a raving madwoman throwing knives at Usama’s back, was excellent. Even better was that he knew, without turning around, who it was. Grace, you are a perfect example of transparency.

It’s too bad you couldn’t find a better picture for the front page article about the Film and Arts Festival Awards ceremony than the ”Coyotes.” Don’t you have any good photos of the ceremony from last year? I highly recommend you remove the one that appeared last week from your files.

Although murder is common in large cities around the country, including Phoenix, it’s frightening that a grisly murder happened just down the road in Cave Creek. I hope Lunsford, if he’s guilty, never knows another day of freedom.

I believe the APS spokesperson was quoted correctly in the article in last week’s issue, but I don’t believe a word she said. A Harris Hawk that had been electrocuted somewhere else flew to the top of the pole and then suddenly dropped dead? Who does she think she’s kidding with that line?

The expenses related to the purchase of the water company and repair of the water delivery and storage infrastructure should be well in hand before Cave Creek involves itself in para-public transportation and the associated costs. Carefree never seems to make the right decision, no matter what the issue, so let them do whatever they will do. Stay out of their way on this one.

You have to know politics and money weighed in on the lack of solar energy use in Arizona. Bil Canfield’s cartoon is great, but the issue is not that the industry was unaware. The issue is who paid whom with favors and money while APS and SRP raked in profits like bandits?