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Brushing your pets teeth

brush dog teeth"Brush the dogs teeth? You've got to be kidding me"! Ask any vet in the valley, and they'll tell you they've heard this more times than they can count. Ironically, it's usually being said by a very concerned pet owner, someone who wants their animal to have all the latest in veterinary preventative medicine, someone who considers their pet a part of the family. In the past few years, dental hygiene has been shown to be one of the cornerstones of good preventative medicine.

Horses in jeopardy find new lease on life, thanks to ex-media executive

CAVE CREEK – There was a time when the first thing Jim Gath did when he got to work every day 6:30 a.m. was look at the prior day’s revenue figures.

VentureNow, the first thing he does every morning is walk around Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary and make sure the 29 horses living there have spent a comfortable, quiet night. He tosses a little hay to a few of them – his day beginning at 3 a.m., 365 days a year.

Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary in Cave Creek is one of hundreds of sanctuaries and rescue ranches that have sprung up in recent years to accommodate the thousands of American horses who have nowhere else to live. For many more unfortunate horses, the alternative has been a horrible ride to certain death at a meat-packing plant. Since the last U.S. horsemeat-packing plant has been closed, this often means being shipped to Mexico or Canada to face the terrible death seen in the recent HBO special on horse slaughter.