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By Don Sorchych | July 16, 2008 Don Sorchych

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• Amazing Dis-Grace

On June 28 I decided to take Andy Gesell on a photographic expedition at the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church. Andy is interning with Sonoran News after having finished his freshman year in college.

After arriving, a young man walked up to us and asked why we were taking pictures. After explaining that I was taking pictures of illegal aliens being picked up for “day labor” he said he was legal because he had married an American citizen.

I said, “How about those men?” pointing to 10 or so sitting on the east property line of the church.

He replied, “Not so much.”

At that point a man with an LA ball cap and a T-shirt on which was written, “Main Street of America,” grabbed his crotch and waggled his “manhood” at us.

I raised my camera and said, “Do that again,” and he did.

Not to be outdone, another “day worker” sitting on a boulder pulled up his T-shirt, massaged his ample man boobs, and then grabbed his crotch. Once again I was caught off guard so asked him to do it again. He apparently had better sense than his compadre and refused.

Nationwide I received accolades for that front page exposure of these people that are just here to feed their families after it went online. Locally, several thought it was in bad taste. Most of those were printed in Your View, including a guy who was so overwrought he choked on his words.

Well it was fact and instructive of the caution which should be exercised in taking strangers to your home or hiring people who employ them.

Just last Saturday, a professed single woman picked up several, then came to me and said, “There are two sides to every story and I wouldn’t be here if I could afford to pay $25 dollars per hour to get my work done.”

I know a couple who put out bids to clear the requisite 30 feet from around their home and several outbuildings to reduce fire danger. The bids ranged from $1,500 to $2,500. A 90-pound female citizen who cleans homes said she would do it for the low bid price.
Several times she brought young Americans doing a job Americans won’t do to help her. It took her 14 part days at less than $10 per hour to complete the job, which was done as well as any professional landscaper.

They are out there, albeit not as convenient as a trip to the church. But if you like publicity, pick them up, and join other scofflaws on the front page of Sonoran News, with copies to Sheriff Joe and Consider yourself lucky if you don’t pick up demonstrative guys who are so proud of their cojones and other body parts.

Amazing Dis-Grace
Over the years this newspaper has praised Councilwoman Grace Meeth. She has served the town for six terms as a councilwoman, a member of the planning commission and on the board of adjustment.

back stabbing cartoonFor several years now she has done everything she could to undermine both Mayor Vincent Francia and Town Manager Usama Abujbarah.
She has unsuccessfully attempted to enlist other council members in her nefarious schemes, and, although her fingerprints were there, she has been careful – and sneaky.

But at the last council meeting she went overboard and publicly went on a rampage suggesting that in the matter of trails she was bothered by the language which gave the town manager authority over changes to trail plans.

She did all this after public comment had expired and motions had been made to approve.

Her argument, spun on whether the town manager’s stated authority was giving him policy authority, which is hers and her fellow travelers claim that Abujbarah does on a regular basis.

Somehow she and those anarchists she represents don’t get the fact that the town manager is the CEO of the town and as such is accountable for whatever happens on his watch.

What she wants to do is micromanage what goes on in town as if she has the experience, skills, background and knowledge to be town manager.

She repeated at least six times that what she had a problem with was the town manager being granted the authority to make changes. She also repeated several times that she had no problem with Trails Coordinator Bambi Muller authorizing changes.

Hello? The fact is Abujbarah is already authorized, regardless of the design guidelines.
Further, since when, in any organization, is a subordinate granted more authority than the CEO?

Just as Meeth, after all these years, can’t understand the budget process, she is so taken with “getting” Abujbarah that the simple structure regarding governance escapes her.

She can’t be that stupid, can she?

But what bothers me more is how the council collapsed and struggled to accommodate her; Councilman Gilbert Lopez suggested perhaps council should be notified of changes before they occur.

She should have been called down, especially for saying that she trusted Muller to make changes but not the town manager.

Imagine if Ralph Mozilo was still on council. Mozilo suffered fools for about three nanoseconds and then let go with factual and cutting response.

Rarely do you see any crosstalk among council members while in session, but later I often hear “I should have said.” What are they afraid of?

And another thing, Mayor Francia should assure the debate in the council is over before he asks for public comment.

It would be nice to hear council members say things like, “I think you are wrong and here is why.” It can be done with respect, but that type of debate is important and in the public presence is the place to do it.