Dr. Lilie offers well-rounded care program for entire family

By Joanne Holmberg | July, 16 2008

Dr. LileAlthough almost 50 percent of Naturopathic Physician Amy Lilies’ patients are pre-menopausal and menopausal women seeking relief from symptoms, Dr. Lilie finds it very rewarding to help the entire family including men and children. Patients range from pre-school children to adults well into their 70s with ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and depression.

As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lilie completed a four year medical program, after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, which included courses in basic sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pathology as well as clinical sciences such as Cardiology, Rheumatology and Radiology. Two years of clinical training are spent working under established practitioners with their patients incorporating several different therapeutic areas including Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Hydrotherapy and Acupuncture, to name a few.

The underlying philosophy of Naturopathic medicine, that illness is reversible through the natural processes of the body, is based on the doctor listening to the patient so that they formulate an individualized treatment plan together. Dr. Lilie emphasizes that “the first contact can be a 10 minute phone conversation to discern what the problem is and determine if this will be a good match. The patient must be comfortable with me and understand that it is a two way street; there must be a commitment on both sides.”

The initial consultation is 1 to 1 1/2 hours to determine why the patients feel the way they do and start the health evaluation process. Specific testing provides benchmarks for food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, cortisol levels/adrenal function, hormone levels and metabolic disorders including blood sugar abnormalities and more. Most testing can be done from the convenience of home with kits Dr. Lilie provides for collection of saliva, urine, or hair.

Treatments involve the least invasive, clinically indicated combination of therapies to assess and support the body's ability to heal itself in an effort to promote wellness physically, mentally and spiritually. There are many tools in a Naturopathic Physician's medicine bag including vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, and prescription medications when indicated. Dr. Lilie says, “I work with the patient’s other medical support team such as the primary care physician or cardiologist to come up with a well rounded program. Consider it a second opinion to explore other options. I’m here to educate people.”

Dr. Lilie is accepting new patients at her offices in both North Scottsdale and Northwest Phoenix and can be reached at 480-629-8882. Or visit her website at www.naturalhealthconnections.net where you can make an appointment online.

Photo Caption: Dr. Lilie reviews the instructions for a take-home hormone tesing kit with a new patient.
Photo by Joanne Holmberg