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Can you help?

Paula Scardina | Scottsdale
On February 17 my husband William C. Scardina passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident on Dixileta.

Shortly after that I had a custom cross made for the site along with some flowers. Well, on June 6 someone felt it necessary to remove all of it. Why we don't know.

memorialWe have talked with the neighbors, the HOA, City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Police Dept. They have all assured us that out of respect for the families they would not touch it.

Possibly you can help in locating it or at least allowing us to get more information.
Please contact me if you have any information at 480-205-3666. Thank you so much.

Missing Roadside Memorial: Reward being offered: Call 480-205-3666

More on “electronic communication"

Chad Kirkpatrick | Phoenix
In Becky Fenger's column, "Man and Machine as One," (published in Sonoran News, June 18 issue) Ray Kurzweil points to "the democratizing power of decentralized electronic communication like the Internet and fax machines to topple repressive regimes." That is only part of the story. Technology can also be used to suppress. Google is collaborating with China to block pro-democracy websites and Yahoo has turned over human rights activists with anonymous email accounts to the Chinese authorities. "Do no evil" is Google's motto, but it really should be "Do no evil, unless there is money to be made." Let’s not forget that Google gives 90 percent of its financial contributions to Democrats.

Town meeting

Gary Kiernan | Cave Creek
Having attended the town council meeting on Monday, June 16, I feel it is necessary to update my stated position in last week's "Letters to the Editor."

After listening to the presentation by attorney Gary Birnbaum I had an epiphany. Having spent a considerable amount of money, and having spent some time being informed on the reasons our ordinance would work, it is a little disconcerting to hear him explain to town council why it failed. Unfortunately, for him, he was unable to mask his disdain for the offer of assistance, which was basically declined, from Judicial Watch. As Birnbaum patiently explained to us plebs how it could be re-crafted, one wondered whether it might have been worded more successfully with outside help. I also sense the influence of our liberal town manager in refusing assistance from Judicial Watch.

At this point, I realized it is absolutely pointless to throw extra money to perfect the ordinance, especially since it is unlikely to be enforced. Like so many problems today, we simply pass new laws when sufficient remedies are already on the books.
Case in point, Arizona recently enacted new laws prohibiting texting while driving. It sounds sensible but did we need more laws? Of course not! If you are swerving all over the road while you text, you could be charged with a number of offenses; reckless driving, for example.

By attempting to pass new laws for every contingency we allow radicals, like the A.C.L.U. and MALDEF to frame the argument. Sheriff Joe has proved that we do not need any new laws by cleaning up the streets using exiting laws. It also allows activist Judges, like Judge Silver, to have more influence. Their logic is normally of the circular kind; immigration is a federal problem therefore the states and local municipalities may do nothing. Of course, they understand that the federal government will not lift a finger, but it allows them to opine that something should be done, just not by us!

Whilst I applaud the efforts of the MCSO, and I have sent a donation this week, I also think that the Town Marshall could be a lot more pro-active in this area. However, my belief is that pressure to do nothing is brought upon that fine office by none other than our Town Manager. (Notice a theme developing here?) If you recall he flouted the law at the inception of the illegal alien day labor center, going so far as to provide nourishment and I.D. badges, to the criminals. On our dime, if you please!

I respect his right to hold strong political beliefs, although I disagree with them, however if he wants to influence town policy I suggest he runs for office. To use his position, as a mere salaried employee, to thwart the will of the people of Cave Creek in an outrage.

Finally, I applaud the Mayor for attempting to reverse the decision to not refer the dust issue. It seems the Town Manager, and the Town Attorney, took it upon themselves to make that unwise decision. Once again Abujbarah is over stepping his boundaries. Time to put him on notice, I think. We are watching you, and many of us who pay your salary are displeased. Shape up!

Carefree Mayor response

Wayne Fulcher | Mayor of Carefree
In your June 11 issue, Mr. John Traynor has again raised the issue of his support for the Michael Peloquin resort project at the entryway to Carefree and the tens of thousands of dollars we’ve had to spend to defend our zoning. As Mayor, I am happy to respond.

First, let me say how pleased Carefree is that the Appellate Court overturned the prior ruling of the Superior Court which has affirmed the wisdom of our Town Council in standing up to Messrs. Ginsburg and Peloquin of GP Properties. Now that the Town of Carefree has prevailed in that decision, Mr. Traynor apparently wishes to amend his prior written support for GP Properties against the Town.

There is no reason to debate Mr. Traynor about his support of GP Properties and ongoing criticism of our Town. I would simply ask Sonoran News to reprint Mr. Traynor’s letter to the Editor, in the March 5 issue, in which he criticizes the decision by our Council to deny approval to build a 156 room resort on ten acres zoned residential at the entrance to our Town as an example of our fiscal irresponsibility. He describes the resort as “a revenue generating Resort that might have had the potential to generate a substantial revenue stream.” Mr. Traynor also criticized the decision to deny a commercial senior living facility, also on property zoned residential, as another example of the Council’s irresponsibility. He went on to criticize the Town’s successful turnaround of a troubled water company, restoration of our acquifer, and current conservation efforts. In his letter, Mr. Traynor derided the amount of litigation we have incurred in defending our zoning. Rather than debate Mr. Traynor about his statements against the Town’s decision and resultant success in these important issues, I would ask the Sonoran News to simply reprint his letter and let the readers make their own judgment.

The empty chairs

Thomas McGuire | Cave Creek Councilman
The political cartoon in last week’s Sonoran News may have been more appropriately critical of the Town Council, of which I am a member, than a criticism of our Town Manager. Don Sorchych and those who signed his petition objected to our recently adopted ordinances to support federal mandates for dust control. (PM-10)

Mayor Francia deserves appropriate credit for recognizing that the staff’s denial of the referendum presented by Mr. Sorchych was in error. Our Town Manager and our legal council, Mr. Mattice, have the responsibility to advise us on whether or not the substance of the referendum is appropriate. But the decision to allow or not allow the referendum to proceed needs to be made independently of our town government. Our system of government, appropriately, does not give decision-making power to either the accuser or the accused.

This is an excellent example of the skill of the Mayor in understanding our role as policy makers and directors for our community government and in holding our Town Manager accountable to both legal and ethical operations. I wish I had been the Councilman with this insight. I was not. I therefore salute the Mayor for his skillful handling of this issue.

We are often asked to review decisions of our Manager and staff. In some cases, the requests are without merit. In others, an error has indeed been made. Regardless, each needs to be carefully considered in our duties as elected officials. We are responsible, as we should be, to our citizens as well as to legal and constitutional standards. No matter who citizens may contend is making policy decisions, in reality, the buck stops with your Council. The legal and appropriate responsibility is with us, and we are accountable to the voters.

According to my own understanding, valley-wide dust pollution is difficult to determine at a particular time and place. Some citizens feel that we are being subjected to a “shotgun approach” to this problem. One size fits all. They may be correct. But frankly, I don’t claim to know a more appropriate corrective approach. It is my own position that the federal government has the authority and the responsibility to control unhealthy levels of air pollution. I expect that Cave Creek does not contribute much dust pollution to the Phoenix area. But I also feel that we, like our neighboring valley-wide communities, need to step up to the plate to minimize airborne dust.

To the extent that dust mitigation limits our rural and horse-centered lifestyle, I regret this obligation. Such mandates make it all the more critical that we do what we can to establish the reputation and the reality of Cave Creek as a uniquely western community.

But if Mr. Sorchych and his supporters feel that we have acted inappropriately in passing these ordinances, let them seek a proper legal opinion independent of local political bias. I do not support the substance of the referendum, but I strongly support his right to submit it for proper review.

Selective defense of the Constitution

Scott Haberman | Cave Creek
Last week in letters to the editor, Ms. B. Jean Walters expressed her tiring of this newspapers coverage of Cave Creeks Illegal Immigrant woes.

Bravo Ms. Walters! I'm sick and tired of reading about this problem myself. It's a plague that just never seems to leave our door.

However, I disagree with your contention that the ACLU in their actions against Cave Creek are doing so "not to protect the rights of illegals, but rather to protect those rights that belong to you and me."

The ACLU would never have challenged our towns ordinances had it not been for the whining of groups like MALDEF and the three stooges that were picked to be the poor lambs so harshly wronged by the elitist town. It's a way to get publicity for the plight of the down-trodden illegal immigrant and perpetuate this notion that the United States of America some how owes these people a living, an education, and the American dream.
Sorry, just not buying it.

I'm also not buying the sudden reemergence of illegals on our streets as blow for justice and the American way. Do you really believe these guys woke up, read the newspaper and said justice prevails! The court heard our cries! Lets go back to the corners in Cave Creek! We are free!

Someone or some group encouraged them to return. Now we get a front row seat at the puppet show as they thumb their noses at you, me, and pretty much the rest of the country. Hell, this supposed unconstitutional ordinance was never once enforced!

I'm sure that in some cases the ACLU does great work. However, in this case, and the interest of publicity it was a sexy case to take on. Funny how the will of an entire town of Americans can be dismissed by a legal system that bows to the complaining of a handful of "day laborers" that are here illegally or legally. It was my understanding since I was old enough to read that this country was governed by the majority.
Speaking of the legal system, I think it's about time to dispose of our town’s legal team.

I went to all the meetings on the ordinances, sat through the power point presentation on the Constitution, heard about the research that has been done, and how we could craft a great ordinance based in part on a Phoenix ordinance. Guess what. The Court shot it down because the ordinance was too broad. Now, our attorney's response is to re-craft the ordinance or turn tail and run. My question is why the hell didn't you get it right the first time? Did our legal team not see the television cameras at Town Hall? Were they unaware that pro immigrant groups pledged to fight Cave Creek to the end? Didn't they get it? And then to get the typical law firm analysis of "we probably won't win a challenge" makes me want to puke.

OK Mr. Attorney. Let’s try it again – and this time try to get it right!

Scottsdale Council candidate

Ray Torres | Scottsdale
A newcomer to the political scene is Oren Davis, an astute and successful business person, family man and long-time Scottsdalian. I’ve met and have spoken to nearly all the city council candidates, and they all would contribute something to the governing process; perhaps Oren more than others.

Jumping into the political foray late in the campaign season without having an “ax” to bury is a mirage emerging out of the desert. He makes for a strange bedfellow amongst candidates with agendas. In a crowded field of contenders, most with well-oiled campaign engines, he must climb Mount Everest. He’ll be appearing in many council candidate forums – go listen to his refreshing message.

Mile Marker Post 42

Al Bauer | President, Citizens Against Mexican Border Illegal Crossers
Green Valley
A letter to Representative Raul Grijalva
In the last several years 1,565 families in Arizona have lost at least one family member to drug smugglers; 331 Mexican/American families have lost their lives to these gangsters from Mexico.

The Border Patrol could save more lives if Mile Marker Post 42, Linda Vista Exit, were staffed and manned in a permanent facility. The Border Patrol could use their Fingerprint and X-ray equipment, which they cannot do now.

Congressman Jim Kolbe was responsible for killing this funding back in 2004-2005. The citizens of our area hold you and Honorable Gabrielle Giffords responsible for these deaths. Please let us know your intentions. Thank you Honorable Raul Grijalva.