Of rants and ranting

By Ed Schneider | June 25, 2008
EdRecently, in the Your View section, a reader, ostensibly a liberal, averred that a recent cohesive missive I wrote was a “rant.” I laughed because it was, actually, a defense of our right to carry, exhibit and when necessary use (HORRORS!) guns. In the interest of truth, let’s examine and expose several liberal tenets and see who rants and who does not.

GUN CONTROL: Gun control is learning gun safety, use, self defense and when necessary, applying what is learned by defending one’s self, family or another by the controlled use of a gun. Gun control is NOT registering, limiting, confiscating or outlawing guns or their use by law abiding Americans.

WELFARE: Welfare is assuring the health and safety of American citizens by clearing the street of gang-bangers, criminals and illegal aliens (all of whom are by definition criminals), and other bent on harming, robbing or assaulting others. Welfare is NOT handing out money, property, enacting national health insurance, supporting those who refuse to work or doling out money to people whose seven children’s fathers are unknown and who have seven different surnames.

IMMIGRATION: Immigration is the act of lawfully coming to a country not your own, learning that nation’s customs and language, and assimilating to become a productive citizen. Immigration is NOT running across our border, sneaking into our country while pregnant to deliver and “anchor baby,” hiding in the shadows, accepting public assistance of any kind and bringing your relatives to do the same, flying the foreign flag of your country, or in any manner impairing or otherwise subjugating the process of American life.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Affirmative action is definitively and resolutely protecting our borders from invasion by and swiftly deporting illegal aliens, restoring the jobs of millions of American lost to hordes of foreign workers, and protecting us from Beltway buffoons and misguided presidents who think “balance of trade” means importing everything China has to offer including poisoned toys, food, drugs … Affirmative action is NOT handing our jobs, slots in colleges, offering promotions, or giving anything else to under or less-than-qualified minorities or for that matter, anyone else.

SANCTUARY: Sanctuary defines a place or tract of land where birds and wildlife can breed and take refuge. Sanctuary is NOT a president or Congress “winking at” or otherwise allowing outlaw priests, vicars, reverends, clerics or anyone else to illegally shelter or otherwise sustain illegal aliens.

DIVERSITY: Diversity is owning several different guns, cars, or suits, growing various plants, or watching divergent television programs. Diversity is NOT being tolerant of gyrating exhibitionists on Gay Pride Day in San Francisco or New York City, having your six-year-old child read “Johnny Has Two Mommies” in public school, believing that minorities outnumber whites in prisons because you claim or mistakenly believe that cops discriminate, allowing Mexican flags to fly above American flags or for that matter at all. And my favorite one: pressing “1” to continue in English.

CIVIL RIGHTS: Civil rights means having the right to free speech even if it offends someone, enjoying constitutional protection under the Second Amendment to defend your family using physical or deadly force, yea, even using a (HORRORS!) a gun if required to safeguard against those who would harm or kill, and having the right to say that those who would deny any of these is a liberal. Civil rights is NOT enacting special laws for minorities and homosexuals. It is NOT building $100,000 footbaths in public restrooms in public airports for Muslims or allowing Muslim cab drivers to reject passengers carrying pork or alcoholic beverages. And it is NOT by any means a conduit for special legislation for a special few.

Finally these “rants” are basic American principles. To give them up, distort or otherwise mangle them for misguided, imprudent and reckless liberal purposes such as “diversity” will eventually lead to the fracturing, dissolution and destruction of our nation. This is my view tantamount to treachery, betrayal and ultimately treason.