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Will Wreight | Cave Creek
An individual, formerly affiliated with CCUSD, referred to Sonoran News as being "mendacious." This is a fancy word, with a dictionary equivalent of "addicted to lying; falsifying; characterized by deceit ..."

Well, Sonoran News has been monitoring and accurately reporting on CCUSD activities for years. Reporters have probably attended more CCUSD governing board meetings over the years than most of the current CCUSD governing board members and administrators. Further, the accuracy of information used in Sonoran News articles has rarely been challenged by CCUSD.

The sources of some information used by Sonoran News are the public information packages provided by CCUSD to all members of the press (Scottsdale Republic, North Scottsdale Independent and others). The web site is another good source of information on school district activities. Is all this "mendacious" information?
Other sources include various reports by the state Department of Education from data provided by CCUSD. And, school district audit reports prepared by state Auditor General from information provided by CCUSD. And, school election information reported by Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools. Is all this "mendacious" information?

Most of this information is easily accessible on the web, should the above individual and others care enough to peruse the various web sites. If the above individual still considers this information to be "mendacious," then this individual is invited to consider the ultimate source of the data.

Free O'Toole

B. Conser | Cave Creek
I am 99 percent behind our law enforcement but they messed up with Karen O'Toole when they cited her for running into the pile of gravel on April 22nd.

The same thing happened to a neighbor of mine in Dove Valley Ranch about a year ago. A pile of gravel was dumped on the street in our neighborhood and when the sun was setting they ran their car right into it. They were fortunately driving real slow at the time and little damage was done to their car.

I heard the collision from my house and went out to see what happened. My first thought was how could they not see that rockpile. When I walked down the street about 50 yards from where they came from I could sympathize with them and Mrs. O'Toole because with the setting sun and the color of the gravel blending in with the front yards you could not see it!

If anybody should have been ticketed it should have been the landscape company or the homeowner who gave permission to dump the gravel on the street. Why don't they put the gravel on their own driveways?

The attitude of the deputies and the magistrate were out of line. Don't you think she would have avoided the gravel pile if she would have seen it?

Subject: Obama

Lawrence Rupp | Carefree
I have no problem with having a black man as my president.

In January, however, I warned my daughter (an avowed liberal, like most of her friends in the entertainment industry) that B. Obama was a Socialist twit with absolutely no portfolio and a racist wife who had a big, black chip on her shoulder.
Now that we have learned of his connections with TUCC (a political meeting house-in-disguise where "Trinity" stands for Bigotry, Hatred and Racism), and the various race hustlers (Wright, Moss and Pfleger), his friendship with terrorists Ayers/Dohrn, now that all of this (and God only knows what's coming) has been exposed, how can any American be asked, in good faith, to put this man in control of the Executive branch of our government?

How can we trust this person to put his "appointees" at the head of the FBI, State, Defense, CIA, etc.?

Good God people, have you NO SENSE?

Letter to Mayor Francia

Jim and Judi Sonnenleiter | Phoenix
Honorable Mayor: A Judge has stopped the enforcement of your city order that restricts day laborers activities. Our soldiers are fighting for your obligation to stand up to the ACLU and their lies of Hispanic persecution. As the head of the Mexican organization said "let this be a warning." Yes, a warning to those that try to rape the spirit of Free Speech. Please stand up to this travesty.

Enough already

L.J. Williams | Phoenix
Let's get on with the program and tell Mrs. Hillary to stop trying to run the show! She got beat fair and square in spite of all her shenanigans!!! She gave the impression the other night that she was going to give her resignation speech; that she was going to quit. Now she wants a weekend night to give another tearful speech! Instead of resigning, she more or less hinted that she was going to be president! In spite of the fact that Obama had already won!! Get off it lady! You have had more limelight than you deserve!

Now what is this devious plan on retaining her delegates??? Someone explain that one to me!!! Who is she going to bribe by keeping them? Everyone I have talked with agrees she should move aside. Even the camera crew, etc. that filmed the speech, looked like they were in a state of shock! She never mentioned resigning; only what a good president she will be and plans to continue running! (And wanting more money!) Why should anyone send her more money? She is through, caput, outa here! There was no resignation; only she let people know that she is still in the running and plans to be president.

Let's get on with more important and better things than having to look at H.R.C. night after night reminding us what a marvelous president she is going to be. All she will do is drag slick Willy along to run things and we have also seen enough of him, more excess baggage!

Oil speculation

Mel Clingan | Carefree
Thanks to the Repulsive Republic (Page 18, Friday, June 6) we have learned why gasoline is now $4 per gallon. Speculators on Wall Street (namely hedge funds and big banks … according to the Washington Post) have been “buying massive amounts of oil contracts” in futures trading, because the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of the federal government is currently run by a “temporary chairman” – who obviously does not have enough experience in the job to STOP this nonsense! Somebody (maybe George W.) had better stop this speculation before our gasoline gets to $20 per gallon – and the country will enter a full economic depression.

Proposed GI Bill changes

Former SPC Matthew Lockard | Mesa
I just wanted to make you aware that I support what is going on in attempts to change the way the GI bill works. As you know, the GI Bill pays veterans that served honorable to go to college. What you may not know is how little it pays. The program requires that you pay a minimum of $1,200 dollars just to be accepted into it. On top of that you can "donate" another $600 dollars and have the monthly payment upped a little.

I served the military from 2002 to 2006 and am currently attending MCC and will be transferring to NAU to finish off my Bachelors. The problem is, that while the GI Bill does cover my expenses at the community college, it does just so barely. With gas at its current prices, the cost of tuition, and the fact that working while attending full-time college can be a strain, it makes a lot of sense to revisit the GI Bill and for it to be updated.

Education benefits don't even cover half the cost of most colleges. The maximum yearly benefit available through the current GI Bill (to active duty veterans) is $9,675 or $38,700 over four years – less than half the cost of an average state school.
The new GI bill will afford more veterans than ever the chance to obtain college degrees but changing the way the bill works. Instead of a flat fee that is currently awarded, it would pay for the tuition, books, lab fees, and give a small living stipend that would make attending school within reach for EVERY veteran.

I highly suggest that you look into this matter and make sure that your readers are aware how our veterans are being rewarded for their sacrifices.

Distorting the facts, again

John Traynor | Carefree
I mistakenly assumed that common sense would take a foothold in Carefree. Unfortunately it has not. The mayor took some pleasure in distorting the facts, once again. His assertion that I supported the GP Properties position, or the Peloquin lawsuits that followed, is not only moronic, it is a deliberate lie. Why he felt compelled to give your reporter a portion of my published letter (from February?) regarding religious schools in Carefree residential areas, defies logic. He neglected to remind you that he launched a scathing personal attack on me the week after my letter appeared in Sonoran News. It was a red-hair short of libel. Rather than unleash a legal brawl, I decided to set the record straight with the reply Sonoran News published in the March 19th edition, right around St. Patrick’s Day. I draw your attention to the two excerpts from my letter, below.

Fulcher’s Follies
Mr. Fulcher directly accused me of spreading “misinformation and allegations” against the Town of Carefree, and goes on to suggest that I supported the resort which has landed the town in litigation. In the spirit of the Irish holiday, I’ll just call that malarkey. Whenever I have presented Mr. Fulcher with facts he has reacted in an angry and accusatory manner; his letter was no different, just cleaned up a bit for publication. When I confronted the Water Board about their supposed ‘conservation’ plan, the malarkey really started to fly, but the result was clear; they had to admit that the ‘conservation surcharge’ was nothing more than a budget gimmick to balance the books, with not one penny destined for conservation. Ongoing public pressure forced Mr. Fulcher to address the folly or face a recall of his council seat. Although he saw the writing on the wall, he and his council supporters got what they really wanted anyway, another big water rate increase. But the really good news Mr. Fulcher is that my views were not in sharp contrast with the majority of our citizens.

Mr. Fulcher, your ability to read does not also impart the ability to comprehend. If you wish to continue to portray me as the town ogre, that would be reflective of your style. But please keep in mind that I do not mock litigation, but rather harbor a deep rooted respect for it, as we all should.

The race is over – McCain has won

Roy Miller | Phoenix
Come on folks, this presidential race is over. John McCain has won. The calculation is not rocket science. No matter whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is selected by the Democrats, the Dems have come down to two of their most leftist candidates. There is no conservative Democrat to choose. Either Clinton or Obama will probably get the votes of people to the left of them on the political spectrum. Unfortunately for them, that is a pretty small percentage of the American electorate.

On the other side, the Republicans have chosen a very centrist candidate, not a Ronald Reagan or a Barry Goldwater. John McCain will get most of the votes of people to the right of him on the political spectrum. Fortunately for him and for the Republicans, that is more than half of the American electorate. It is uncertain where the voters will go who are on the political spectrum between the McCain and the Democrat nominee but, even if the Democrat got all those votes (unlikely), he/she would still lose.

This election is not going to be close.

Downtown Scottsdale – Vote

Michael Merrill | Scottsdale
Dear Mayor Manross and City Council,
I would like to take this moment to express my sincere admiration for your efforts to convert downtown to a live/work/pee community.

I seriously believe that these types of activities are exactly what we in the community could have expected and welcomed from your misguided and most ignorant efforts to continue on fixing downtown to be the place that every city wants to emulate.
Fortunately other cities have made it clear that they have no desire to be like us in any way shape or form and we are truly a class upon its own misfortunes of your leadership and that of the majority of your peers.

Thanks for making us the world class city you have desired.

Now get ready to have your miserable ass removed from the dais.
With ABSOLUTELY no respect.

Flight Attendants fight for FMLA fairness

Gary Richardson, President Association of Flight Attendants-CWA | Phoenix
Millions of working families across the nation are safeguarded and provided job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993; however, flight attendants have been excluded from these legal protections due to a technical oversight in the law.

Senate Bill 2059 “The Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act” will finally clarify that flight attendants and pilots are entitled to take unpaid family and medical leave to recover from an illness, to care for newborn children, and to look after sick or injured family members without the threat of losing their job.

Sadly, Senator John McCain and Senator Jon Kyl have yet to sign on as co-sponsors to this important bi-partisan legislation and hard working Arizonans need to convince them to do so now.

As First Responders and Onboard Safety Professionals, Flight Attendants provide an essential service to the traveling public and to the airlines. “The Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act” will finally bring fairness and equity to the thousands of men and women who on a daily basis move our nation.