Your View | December 31, 2008 – January 6, 2009

The motorist that wrote the complaint about bicycles should read his (her?) own words. Spur Cross Road has no paved shoulders. Many of the roads in Cave Creek do not. Further, there are no established bike lanes. Bikers have a right to be on the street and motorists, by law, need to share the road with them. I do my part for YOUR environment by riding my bike to work. I don't have much, if any, choice as to my route. Poor you, you may have to slow down and get to your destination 60 seconds later than you want. I bet you drive a gas hog, too.

Washington politicians and bureaucrats are worried about the possibility of economic deflation. So I asked my pal Homer about it. He replied, "D'oh! Deflation has occurred. The cost of houses, stocks, cars, money, and most commodities (especially oil) have fallen significantly already." But the Fed and Treasury continue to dump cash into the economy as fast as they can think up excuses to do so. Too bad nobody has much use for it; lenders won't lend and borrowers won't borrow.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies to the proposal to vote in a property tax to fund Cave Creek's Rural/Metro universal fire service. Firstly, serious house fires rarely occur in this area, mostly made up of fairly new homes meeting modern fire codes. In the past ten years there has never been a fire in my neighborhood. During the same period I have heard of three fires: (1) a wastebasket fire in Carefree that could have been handled with a home extinguisher; (2) a fire in Cave Creek where the house burned to the ground before a truck showed up; and (3) a lightening strike in Cave Creek where Rural/Metro actually put out a serious blaze. I don't see a reason to force a tax on a resident who doesn't want to subscribe. Or let the town pay as is done in Carefree.

If the Cave Creek town council approves the proposed outrageous increase in water rates, I expect to see several new faces on the council in 2009.

We know that Councilmember Grace Meeth hates her fellow council members and stays busy trying to discredit or recall them but now she has joined Terry Zerkle, Charles Spitzer, Anna Marsolo and Herb Natker in publicly painting Cave Creek with the same ugly brush. Does she also hate Cave Creek? She has lost it and has got to go.

Linda and Don, I’m curious: If your endorsee John McCain had been elected with the same wide margin would you be relentlessly pursuing his eligibility to be President? If you can look in the mirror and say, “Yes, I would be equally anxious to find out,” go for it. If not let’s build a bridge and get over this thing.

The illegal aliens apparently didn’t get the message that the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church isn’t going to support them any more because the parking lot is full and it’s the day after Christmas.

Bob Williams wrote a very nice letter regarding his view on fire protection, but where has he been the last few years? The citizens of Cave Creek will never tax themselves for a service that is the responsibility of individual property owners.

Councilwoman Grace Meeth, like her close friends Anna Marsolo, Shea Stanfield and Terry Zerkle, is never burdened by the truth. But, Ms. Meeth stands alone as the Queen of slimy, backdoor dealings. In March, use your votes to dump Meeth and Stanfield and the rest will take care of itself.

I just wanted to leave a message for Mr. Sorchych that I hope he’s feeling much better. I live in Payson, Arizona. I told a friend about it at the Rim Country Gazette. Good wishes from here for Mr. Sorchych that his health is restored really fast.

I thought Angela Burke was in jail. So much for the “justice” in our court system.

Cyndy Breitbach’s letter should be run in every paper across America. Unless we have an empty place at our table during the holidays, we are likely to forget that the service men and women all over the world are away from their families. And not just for the holidays, but day in, day out, week after week, month after month. Thanks for a great letter!

Thanks for the heads up about the license plate law changes. The weather has been so unforgiving I still haven’t taken my frame off, but I will because I refuse to pay a fine for something so stupid. Big brother’s at it again.

Lane may be just what Scottsdale needs, but his rhetoric is reminiscent of speeches about transparency by Grace Meeth.

Thank you for the new survey question on fire protection in Cave Creek. We appreciate being asked. I know the council can’t just continue the property tax without a vote by the residents of Cave Creek, but they might just as well know now that it’s not going to happen for fire protection. Not now. Not ever.