Your View | December 24 – 30, 2008

When voting to keep or not keep Grace Meeth in office for another term, consider this: She consistently would slow the council down by targeting minor issues that were ‘moot’ and or trivial. She has given the council and many locals the impression that she has a very limited grasp on the issues in front of her. She hired an attorney to semi/quasi threaten the city. I’m sure the town attorney has better things to do than research a letter from a disgruntled council member. She apparently is e-mail challenged and although the other council people were able to correspond very well electronically thank you, Grace just couldn’t catch on and asked that her messages be left in her box. Result: She failed to check her box, came to the meeting(s) unprepared and had the audacity to imply that she was not kept informed. One of the kids from Cactus Shadows student government would probably be better prepared for election to the council than Grace Meeth.

The Carefree cult that runs the town is convinced that Councilman Coady’s public initiative (strenuously opposed by Mayor Fulcher) will force direct election of the mayor in 2011. Thus the cult’s plan is to change the town code so that instead of the mayor being Carefree’s “chief executive officer,” his role would become “chief meet & greet figurehead.” Loyal Mr. Pearson’s town “administrator” title would become town “manager,” who would be required to report to someone other than the mayor, probably the vice mayor (or a new “administrative head”) who would be picked by the good old boy crowd. Accordingly, the good old boys could avoid running a serious candidate for mayor (with the possibility of losing a key player), and would not have to be much concerned about a public debate exposing the deplorable records of the cult’s last three mayors. Sounds like a plan to me!

When it comes to spending money, the Carefree council reminds me of the old adage “spend like drunken sailors.” But, that would be an insult to our Navy. Our sailors are a lot smarter!

It was very impressive watching President Bush avoid those flying shoes.  But then, he has spent his entire presidency avoiding most things.

Recent events indicate that the people of the state of Illinois must be VERY ashamed of their current governor, who is about the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime!!

Thank you for saving us from another week of Obama’s face gracing your front page. We’re over it and it hasn’t even begun.

The Peloquin suit against Carefree is finally over? How much did that one cost the town? Not that it wasn’t necessary to protect us from other developers like him, but there must be a way to clearly spell out special use permits to avoid potential lawsuits in the future.

Is that photo of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson really old, retouched or has he had a facelift?

CCUSD seems to have gotten themselves out of a number of election violations over the last two or three years by entering into a consent agreement. Let’s hope they learn something in the training class.

We all know the ‘excelling’ label is misleading with respect to the quality of education for our children. It doesn’t take much to earn the designation, unlike what it takes to make the U.S. News & World Report top 100 list.

To the Your View author last week who asked Sonoran News to stop writing this crap about Obama’s citizenship: If you really believe that honoring the Constitution of the United States is crap, please just pack up and move. We don’t care where. Take Anna Marsolo, Grace Meeth and Herb Natker (if you have room) with you.

May God help us through the coming Obamanation.

John Traynor makes so much noise about what it going on in Carefree, I can’t believe he isn’t going to run for council. Although I don’t always agree with his viewpoint, he seems to care about Carefree citizens. Bob Coady could use the company of at least one person who actually thinks for himself.

Wow! Big brother is at it again. I can’t believe the off-highway vehicle laws that takes effect January 1. Since when does our government better serve us by making personal decisions for us?

I hope MCSO checked the break-in suspect search area for tents and makeshift shacks in the nearby washes. Although the shantytown was cleaned up and the illegals supposedly moved on, maybe they’re back. It seems to require a constant effort to keep the town free of the filth in the washes.

Well, it seems the auto industry finally stood long enough with its hand out. What I don’t want to happen is for our children and their children to be paying for the unions’ crazy demands and poor, but expensive auto industry business management when they should be taking care of their families. Toyota does very well in the same marketplace. Other businesses are enduring lay offs, pay cuts and temporary shut-downs. The bailout payback schedule for this insanity had better be airtight.

The motorist that wrote the complaint about bicycles should read his (her?) own words. Spur Cross Rd has no paved shoulders. Many of the roads in Cave Creek do not. Further, there are no established bike lanes.  Bikers have a right to be on the street and motorists, by law, need to share the road with them. I do my part for YOUR environment by riding my bike to work. I don’t have much, if any, choice as to my route. Poor you, you may have to slow down and get to your destination 60 seconds later than you want. I bet you drive gas hogs, too.