Your View | December 17 – 23, 2008

The Carefree council should name Councilman Coady as the next mayor in 2009. He is the only council member who does anything for the citizens.

I have heard that Carefree is working on a deal to import cobblestones from Nerja, Spain to replace the asphalt in the town center. Apparently there are so many tourists in Nerja the cobblestones are slowing traffic so much they need asphalt instead.

A castle in Cave Creek? What a terrible idea! "Tuscan" was bad enough when it took over most new construction. Cave Creek is the Old West! Why not be proud of Desert architecture? Call Shelby Wilson.

Please review the facts of this accident. The woman was most certainly wearing a helmet. I was there trying to help along with four other cars who stopped, and both riders had helmets and full leather jackets. The elderly woman made an illegal u-turn from the right lane into the motorcycle and they had no escape. What a tragic mistake she made.

I thought Ed Morgan was bad. He was noisy but sneaky. (Mayor) Fulcher is quieter, but sneakier. If we give him his way he will have Carefree looking like Scottsdale, only worse. Vote his butt out of office or suffer the consequences.

You bicyclists who think you own Spur Cross Road are accidents waiting to happen. Often you hoard the road where there is no shoulder and force vehicles to crawl. It is bad enough to be restricted by a double yellow lane. Please, please go to roads where there is a bicycle lane.

Well you people voted for Obama and I hope you like third world existence. It is coming, thanks to really stupid voters. Look in the mirror and you will see the person responsible for destruction of the greatest country in history.

Being new in town, I would appreciate information on candidates for office. Anything to give perspective on individuals would be appreciated. I never miss a vote and neither does my wife.

This message is for the idiot that put a dog in a basket, on the back of his motorcycle at 5:30 in the morning on Thursday night on his way to Cave Creek. First you need to get a brain, the dog should not be in a basket while you are trying to navigate down the road. I don’t know what kind of fool you are but I hope someone takes the dog away from you and it is not dead by the time they do it.

I’m amazed that Republicans in Arizona, and this particular newspaper, are still whining over the presidential election. Get over it and move on.

This is to Mr. David Williams who wrote the stop whining letter in the Dec. 3 issue of Sonoran News. Thank you, thank you, thank you about the election of Barack Obama to the president and more importantly about this country. I wish I could shake your hand and thank you for the sentiments.

I echo the sentiments expressed so well by John Brebner in his Cronkite Award letter. You are greatly appreciated for keeping us informed when the Arizona Republic, local TV and radio serve pap to the general public, which if they’re not willing to put in the time to do their homework, is all they know.

Curbside is truly gouging with their fuel surcharge. I had a service person comment the other day that life is great since gas prices are the lowest in memory. It was no problem for him to make two diagnostic trips to our home just to check out a possible secondary problem so all parts would be on hand the day the repair is scheduled.

Deployment of troops across this nation other than by our governors is “big brother” gone mad. No good can possible come of this. Only tragedy.

It is a beautiful day to see Don Stapely’s indictment on the front page of Sonoran News and Don I hope you keep us updated on all the progress on that. It will be interesting also to see how many local real estate companies fold because of him.

Will you please stop writing this crap about Obama’s citizenship issue? It is a bogus issue and it doesn’t belong in a rag as bad as yours.

So we find out Don was hospitalized after a stroke more than two weeks after the fact – when he’s already home? What kind of reporting is this? You claim to be on top of the news! Trust me. This is news!! Glad he’s doing well and expects a full recovery. My best wishes to Don.

Although Democrats appear to remain in the coma that put us in this constitutional dilemma, my fervent wish is that the Supreme Court of the United States of America will address and put to rest the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s citizenship so we can all move on. As a died-in-the-wool Republican (leaning toward Libertarian) I just want the issue resolved. If it wasn’t a constitutional issue, we could all pretend it didn’t matter and sweep it under the rug as the liberal media has done.

So the folks on both sides of the Cahava Springs project are in the midst of disagreements. They apparently were able to put them aside long enough to reach an agreement during mediation. The economic situation is creating the need for many of us to live, do business and think differently than we have ever done. Join the crowd.