Your View | December 10 – 16, 2008

Kudos to the paper and the council for staying on course with the General Plan. If this cowboy has so much money, (actually it was his departed wife's money) why doesn't he purchase a building already for sale and retro' it or if that's not feasible find out where his project can fit into the town’s General Plan instead of changing it?

What a relief to read Linda’s online update on Obama’s elegibility to serve as President of the United States. It may be just a matter of time before we have Joe Biden as President. The Democrats will wish they had it to do all over again.

Good one. The whole global economy went in the tankers and Councilman Lopez doesn’t understand why the Town of Cave Creek staff didn’t see it coming. That’s such a joke. How could you blame staff for what is going on? Give me a break.

A Town of Cave Creek audit committee for which no volunteers came forward? If people want qualified committee members that aren’t invited/appointed by the Town Manager, there must be some community spirit and willingness to serve. How do we get from where we are to there?

The public transportation survey, principally orchestrated by Carefree Councilman David Schwan, has been extended to Dec. 19. Is that a sign that few persons are responding to his goofy survey?

In spite of the world economic crisis, the moronic Carefree council wants to consider purchasing land and Court House building. Are you friggin kidding me? There is so much empty space around, only a true moron would fail to make a good lease deal. While we're at it, let's elect them for four years so they can compound their stupidity.

How dare Jim Press, Vice Chairman of Chrysler make suggestive threats that our economy could go into a depression if he doesn't receive assistance! Their crappy disposable low-rated cars, piss poor management, and overspending for the last 25 years is to blame! I hope NONE of our tax dollars goes to saving these idiots. It's hard to believe a country like Japan, which we detonated two nuclear bombs over, has come into our country to hire Americans to build far superior vehicles that outperform the American cars! The top five cars in Consumer Reports have been made by Asian automakers! Not only do they outperform in quality, they get better gas mileage too! Let the big three reorganize under bankruptcy and come back with a better business model, such as building something better to compete with their rivals. No more handouts for failures!

Carefree Mayor Fulcher stated about Councilman Coady's proposal for direct election of the mayor, "'I believe this needs long and serious discussion." Is avoiding direct election due to the mayor's fear of seeing the long record of incompetence of Carefree mayors exposed in a public debating forum?

OK, so the fire advisory committee is not an elected body. BUT how could they even think of proposing a property tax? And for fire service? That’s the responsibility of the property owner. If the town is going to offer it to citizens and businesses without an annual fee, the town had better be able to afford it WITHOUT a property tax. This is Cave Creek, remember. Linda Bentley didn’t make it clear in her article in the Dec. 3 issue who serves on the committee. They need a reality check and then go back to the drawing board on that one.

I hear Hugh Stevens slithered out from under his favorite rock to attend the town council meeting. I guess it must be election time in Carefree and he and the Kiwanians are gearing up for their usual smear campaigns.

A Senate committee fuming about the automakers’ CEOs, CFOs etc. private jets (no cost to the taxpayers by the way) and Nancy Pelosi's jet transporting her to and from California and Washington D.C. to the tune of $6,000,000 a year?? Is this true?? Hypocrisy!

Congratulations to Bob Coady for picking up the baton and running with it. I hope he gets all the signatures he needs for his initiative this Saturday.

Lou Dobbs recently interviewed Ted Turner and argued against building a wall for immigration on the border. He compared it to Reagan demanding to "tear down this wall." Well, if Teddy doesn't like walls, perhaps he should take down the ones around all his mansions. Perhaps the Pentagon should take down the fences around it too. Maybe we can take down the fence around the White House! You see, Teddy, walls are put up for a purpose. It's something we call security. Good fences build good neighbors.

Giving $ 700,000,000 to any public project, light rail or other, is akin to a "gift" – a free lunch. This defies the work ethic and America.

Don Stapley is finally going to be held accountable for all of his years of shady business dealings. Didn’t Sonoran News expose him by publishing information about his holdings, false disclosures and conflicts of interest in the mid 90s? How on earth could it take so long for these charges to be brought against him? Maybe we’ll find out if he’s been protected along the way as the investigation continues.

It’s sad to see as many as 12 or 15 illegal aliens in the parking lot at the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church early in the morning almost a year after they said they shut down their illegal day labor center. So much for their credibility.