Your View | November 26 – December 2, 2008

Oh crap! Another traffic light on Carefree Highway was added at 16th Street! Whose idiotic idea was this? What are we going to do, call it Carefree Boulevard? All we need now is a few check cashing stores, 30 banks and about 10 more churches and it will look like Bell Road. Don't let Gordon Lightfoot see this "road" now. It might bring a tear to his eye, like the Indian on the commercial that aired in the 70's that viewed civilization coming over the hill, and litter on the ground. I suppose it could get worse and Governor Crappy Nappy could order speed cameras be put up.

Why inconvenience Nevada residents with a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, when we can build the same thing on the U.S.-MEXICAN border. As an Arizona resident, I would welcome such a project. What better place to put such a facility? It could be an elongated design that can stretch for MILES! Just pile up the nuclear waste right along the fence! It would obviously serve multiple purposes.

Another illegal alien has killed an innocent legal American citizen. This time, 16 year-old Kelly Tracy was killed by Manuel Contreras-Galdean, 32, while driving "impaired." Are you listening, Mesa Police Chief Gascon? THIS is why Sheriff Joe is doing your job of ridding your city of all the "peaceful and harmless gardener and janitor" illegal aliens. How about if this was YOUR daughter? Gascon is an Idiot!

Phil Gordon complains about the sheriff because he arrests illegal aliens. Funny, a driver gone missing on Monday crashes at Pinnacle Peak and Cave Creek Rd. and isn't found until Friday! The surviving passenger was FOUND in the area on Monday! It took a week for the Phoenix PD to find this car wreck. Unbelievable. This is the same department with an Operation Order, ordering it's officers to IGNORE illegal aliens' immigration status. Brilliant.

I, too, am quite disappointed in the outcome of the election. I am surprised Americans are so easily fooled. Which brings to mind, what do you think intelligence is? Hope you’ll share your thoughts. Stay Happy.

I am not "for" or "against" anyone but I am '...FOR..." the CONSTITUTION OF THESE UNITED STATES! I clearly remember learning about this great document and the thin little 'civics' book that elaborated on its importance. It doesn't take much effort to '...produce your birth certificate...' and it would be a real crime if the man that was just voted on for president, was doing this ... JUST TO SHOW HOW IMPORTANT HE THOUGHT HE WAS! How many times have I heard: "...we are a nation of laws..." When you break one, the next becomes easier ... and the next even easier ... till we have none. These documents must be shown now before it becomes a great disaster for our country.

Oh goodie, goodie! I can't wait. That Henry Becker guy who owns the property on Pima and Happy Valley promised ON HIS OWN BILLBOARD SIGNS that he would REMOVE all those signs and other junk he's parked there if Mary was not re-elected! Yippee! Can't wait to see that big piece of property returned to its "naked" desert glory. I'm sure he'll develop it someday and I hope he picks a nice desert sparing design with low density. But at least now that Mary has been kicked to the curb, it'll be great that he has a reason – his own promise – to drop all the fake "artwork" and "freedom of speech" signage and let the land be as it was intended until development becomes viable again (since this economy is not a great time to be building). It always made me sad for him to see such a big display of his unhappiness every time I drove there. I guess he was abused by the system that Mary headed up. I'm sure he feels much better with Mary tossed out :) And I will too once I see that pretty property restored to nature. Yeah, Henry Becker!

The president-elect is planning to name Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security czar. She did a terrific job of defending three of Arizona's borders and I say 75% is a passing mark.

The cowardly council bowed to the Dark Siders again. They were the only opposition to the zoning change considered for two properties in the commercial corridor, but these are the same idiots who yelled and screamed endlessly about Stagecoach village and now refer to it as a “wonderful development.”

A 4,000 square foot bank-owned home with five bedrooms in Carefree's Velvet Shadows has been scheduled for public auction. Originally listed for $1,349,000 in 2006, the most recent listing price was merely $653,900, down over 50%. It appears the real estate market is finally recognizing Carefree for what it is: an overpriced, backwater Arizona town run by a political cult intent on enhancing their threatened control with four-year terms. There are currently 158 house listings in zip 85377 alone as owners wait to leave "The Best Small Town in Arizona.”

AAA has cut its rating of The Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa in Carefree from Five Diamonds to four. I'm surprised the rating is that high. The last time I was there (and it will be the last time) a supercilious employee refused to give me a bottled water, saying his supply was reserved for hotel guests or for those attending his special function, and could not be given to someone there just for a meal.

I’d like to address Steven Beck of Cave Creek. Is he really worried about the children’s education or is he just worried about the price of his home? Also, if you don’t need an override, don’t go for an override. Wait until you need it.