Your View | November 12 – 18, 2008

Obama is good. Even before his inauguration he has already vetoed a law. He has effectively killed McCain-Feingold. For better or worse publicly funded political campaigns are now dead. Obama proved that there are hundreds of millions of dollars out there to buy a candidate, and none of it is traceable. No presidential candidate will ever ask for public money again. McCain-Feingold creates a paper trail that many contributors don't like. McCain worked for years on McCain-Feingold that violated every conservative principle. McCain became a maverick. Liberals heartily endorsed McCain-Feingold and it became law. Now we know why.

Okay, Don, are you going to stick by what your paper has advocated, that being the advice to look at who the Arizona Republic endorses and vote the opposite? As you know, they supported McCain and a combination of Republicans and Democrats. Come on, and give them their due.

I’ll keep my freedom, my guns and my money. You can keep the change.

Sales of GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles were down more than 30 percent in October versus a year earlier. If you are considering buying a new car, be sure to wait until next year when federal incentives, most likely an Obama tax credit, are sure to begin.

The picture for the pick-up in the Oct. 29 issue of Sonoran News shows a dealer plate (DFLP91). I thought the law changed and those plates could only be used for test driving short distances with an employee of the dealership in the vehicle or moving a vehicle from one lot to another. If the vehicle is to be “loned” for general use, even by dealership employees. it has to have a plate registered to that vehicle.

Here's how you can honor a fallen policeman: 1) IMMEDIATELY apologize for leaving out the fact an ILLEGAL ALIEN killed this man. 2) IMMEDIATELY change the Gannett / AZ REPUBLIC policy of calling ILLEGAL ALIENS "Undocumented Immigrants." 3) IMMEDIATELY stop printing PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN BS! 4) IMMEDIATELY layoff or FIRE EJ MONTINI, LAURIE ROBERTS, and the "Editorial Board." 5) IMMEDIATELY begin printing articles by LOU DOBBS. 6) IMMEDIATELY begin printing articles with conservative viewpoints on the front page of the Valley and State. YOU did this officer a disservice by writing rubbish. Nowhere does it refer to an ILLEGAL ALIEN killing this police officer! Keep supporting Illegal Aliens! Make us all unsafe! This very story should have read "ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLS PHOENIX POLICE OFFICER!"

The usual (6 - 1) hard core council, controlled by the long standing Carefree political machine, was successful in passing a deceitful resolution. They want to extend Council terms from two to four years. Although they still have to put it on the March 10 primary ballot, their machine will see it through unless it can be exposed for what it really is – a way to maintain their stranglehold on town government after they approve a property tax! It’s coming, and they want voters to forget over a four-year period. It is probably no surprise to you, but for the record, town revenue is down 14 percent in the first quarter of this fiscal year, with a high probably that October numbers will be even worse. In a small, peaceful community like Carefree, residents should not be pushed around like pawns in the games of so few.

For over 200 years, political leaders and scholars have tried to figure out what is wrong with our national government. Thank God David Schwan has done it; he probably earned a four-year council term for that gem. Who could replace him?

So Carefree's mayor believes it will benefit residents to have the town council elected for four year terms. What benefits? No answers were available at the meeting, but you can bet the brain trust will think up some convincing stories to peddle to the unsuspecting and to their loyal servants.

Given the length of time most of the Carefree councilmen have been in office, they may as well change the term to 'councilman for life'. It worked for Idi Amin.

Did you hear we'll be able to build snowmen, sorry snowpersons, in Carefree Town Center beginning Dec.12? Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, the 1st annual Christmas Festival will entertain one and all. They'll also be trying to pry money out of your pocket, as a way of saying thanks for the new lights and fancy signs.

By a 6 - 1 majority (Coady dissenting) the Carefree Council wants to be elected to four-year terms. However, it seems they still reject the idea that voters should elect our Mayor instead of the Brain-Trust Six. Other than whispers from Hugh Stevens, how do they think up this crap?

Happiness is seeing Herb Natker moving to Wickenburg with a couple of his Black Mountain Shadows neighbors under each arm.

Two people in court. Both in trouble. Both acting like teenagers chasing the criminal around the room for a picture and autograph treating the criminal like an icon to be celebrated. One is a teenager, the other our (former) Deputy Marshal Hernandez. One is in court to be held accountable for her actions, the other the town has in court with a badge and gun, seemingly accountable to no one. Town Manager, hasn’t Hernandez embarrassed you enough? What about the people? What about the town?

I noticed that Barney, the president’s Scottish terrier, bit a member of the White House press corps. Too bad he wasn’t an alligator!