How to tell if you’re in the mainstream of American

craig cantoniBy Craig Cantoni | November 12, 2008

Are you in the mainstream of American thinking? Do you have what it takes to be a member of Congress, president of the United States, teacher or trusted leader? Do you have the proper view of government, the economy, and other subjects? Take the following test. Good luck!

1: Business profits average about six percent of national income of which federal, state and local governments consume about 44 percent. Which of the following should be reduced? a) Corporate profits; b) Government spending

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November 5th Carefree Council nonsense

John TraynorBy John Traynor | November 12, 2008

They might have learned something from the water rate increase fiasco last fall, but didn't. With Wayne Fulcher in the driver’s seat, the Brain-Trust-Six (BTS) approved a ridiculous resolution to extend the council terms from two years to four. They did so without considering term limits or allowing voters to select the mayor. Voters have shown they want change and more choices, but the BTS has gone the other way. I suspect a very real, dark motivation behind this move – more on that later.

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