Expanded recycling at old landfill coming next month

By Curtis Riggs | November 5, 2008

Open four days a week
DESERT FOOTHILLS – Recycling conscious citizens will no longer have to store their recyclables in their garage or trunk.

Bill Thorton, Director of Solid Waste Management for Maricopa County, intends to offer expanded recycling opportunities at the old Cave Creek Landfill sometime in December. He is now in the process of getting recycling bins there and hiring workers.

The old Cave Creek Landfill is located just before the bridge on Carefree Highway. Thorton plans to have the recycling facility open Wednesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
“That will take some of the recycling stream,” he said, adding he is confident locals will take advantage of the opportunity.

“We expect a lot in Cave Creek and Carefree because there have already been programs in place for some time and many people there already recycle,” he said.

There will be separate bins for paper, cardboard, metal, aluminum cans and other recyclables. People will be responsible for getting the right recyclable in the right bin.
Presently the only recycling opportunity in the area is the recycling event put on by the Town of Carefree the third Saturday of every month. Cave Creek suspended its Saturday recycling well over a year ago.

Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia said having expanded recycling available so close to the Desert Foothills will be good because the Carefree recycling is so successful all bins are full after every recycling event. Carefree recycling accommodates many Cave Creek residents since Cave Creek cancelled its program.

“People have had to keep their recycling in their homes until it is time to recycle,” he said, a deterrent to local recycling.

Expansion of recycling services at the old landfill is coming about six months earlier than originally planned. Maricopa County intends to have a new $1 million recycling and trash transfer station in operation there by July 2009.