Your View | October 29 – November 4, 2008

Hello Obama fans! Do you still believe Obama is going to cut your taxes? It seems he forgot to mention he plans to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. This will effectively INCREASE taxes for everyone making over $40K. He does not consider this a “new tax.” This is a tax everyone should have already been paying! Did he also forget to mention the new pollution tax on every vehicle, the new carbon tax on every business, the increase in payroll taxes, the reinstatement of the death tax, and the capital gains tax? And he is just getting started. Do you really think the big oil companies aren’t going to pass tax increases on to the consumer? When the gas price rises so does the price of everything else! The big, bad, American oil companies employ thousands of Americans. Might they also lay off or cut wages due to increased taxes? Do you really think you will be in a better position financially? Do the math!

The Obama immigration plan: Obama plans to give full amnesty to all illegal aliens by Executive Order shortly after taking office. That is to say, neither the Senate, House nor the people get any say on this. This amnesty will allow full American citizenship including benefits of welfare, food stamps, health care, Social Security, and voting rights. This will create a new block of illegal alien voters and will effectively prevent any future attempts to secure our borders. This cost was not mentioned in Obama’s first trillion dollars of spending. Is this where the second trillion is going?

Carefree Mayor Fulcher has announced a cost cutting program due to town revenue decline. Too bad he waited until after the council foolishly spent $340,000 on electrified gas lights that only aid those wanting to leave the area.

There was no caption to go with the dog photo associated with Sonoran News FAR dog walk article. I think "that Border Collie is pretty hot; I wonder if she would go out with me" should have been used.

In 2002 the Carefree town council voted 4-3 to deny a change in zoning on 24 acres of residential land at the northeast corner of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Rd. Subsequently the owners sued the town. The town was about to win a clear victory in the case. However, the town elected to settle the case shortly before the judge's decision was announced. As part of the settlement the owners were granted a 10-year period before they could again seek a zoning change! Those owners sold the property to John Lassen, who proposed in 2006 to build a 22 lot residential subdivision, but never did. The 10-year period expires in about four years. Carefree's west side residents, who have almost no voice in town government, will not be able to stop a zoning change on the corner.

Why are the major media not covering the story of Berg vs. Obama? If Obama has nothing to hide, then why will they not just respond to this lawsuit and provide the documentation asked for and put the entire matter to rest? Could it be because they DO have something to hide? If I were running for president, I would have no problem at all providing my full birth certificate to show that I was a natural born citizen. Why will Obama not provide the full, certified copy of his birth certificate as is being asked for in this law suit? What about the Indonesian citizenship conflicts?

Also, how can so many people support Obama in spite of: Rezko Land Deal scandal? Ayers Association scandals? Possible citizenship issues? Rev Wright association? ACORN voting fraud?

You missed it Don. The chicken crossed the road because her rooster was on the other side.

Obama is not eligible to live in the White House. The Internet is full of information about how he was born in Africa (in Kenya) – and then his mother went to Hawaii and lied to the officials there about the situation. Save yourself a lot of trouble – vote for McCain and Palin!

To continue the pain vote Palin-McCain!

In a recent edition on the front page you had an article about Senator Obama’s possible faulty citizenship. Did you send that to McCain’s election office here in Phoenix? I thought it was a very good article but I haven’t seen anything in any of the newspapers, other than yours. If you have not sent it to McCain’s election office, I think you should.

The sad legacy of the Seemeyers and The Desert Advocate is not just a reflection of our times mirroring the greed and arrogance of Wall Street and Washington, but it’s the so-called little people – it’s customers, it’s employees and our society in general of the Desert Foothills who had to suffer at the hands of these criminals.

As a fellow Winfield owner and non-board member, it’s not invasive to have your garage inspected. Too many CC&Rs are violated with no enforcement. Glad to see the HOA finally has a pair. You as a homeowner read your CC&Rs prior to buying your home. You should follow them.

CCUSD is at it again requesting an extension of the K-3 override that is already approved for another four years. What are they thinking? They can’t possibly know what will be needed for 2012 and beyond. Let’s get their attention with a 100 percent NO vote this time so they’ll stop focusing on things fiscal and get on with educating our children.