Your View | October 22 – 28, 2008

As a real estate investor I bought a home here a couple of years ago in Cave Creek for the life style, though have lived in the valley 20 years. Even though my home has significantly decreased, mark my words some day the homes in Cave Creek and Carefree will skyrocket because there will be no other towns as unique as these – they will be long gone! That is providing we have the right people in our city councils to preserve what we have and someday we can look back and thank them. When I read this paper I can't believe all the begrudged people that whine all the time. Take a deep breath, people, and be thankful you live here! My only complaint is the mentality of the sheriffs here. I see them as harassers and not protectors and I wouldn't trust them to even find my home! (Some of them are grumpy old men.) I do like the Town Marshal, he's always polite and professional. Overall it's a great place and friendly people without being too nosy!

According to a recent Internet property search, there are 218 homes for sale within Carefree's 85377 zip code. On that basis 10-15 percent of all homes in Carefree are now for sale. Why are so many residents lined up to leave "the best small town in Arizona?”

Carefree's sales tax revenues are plunging as the area's economy continues to deteriorate. Yet the town has not announced any expenditure reductions. I asked a member of the town council why the town continues to spend as before. He replied that money is coming out of the rainy day account. How long before we hear the last gurgle as the fund drains as quickly as water in a bathtub when the stopper is pulled?

Can any public body be more hypocritical than the Carefree Town Council? I doubt it. Without commenting directly on the General Plan changes Cave Creek will consider on 10/16 & 10/17, I do have to say that Carefree has gall (a better choice of wording than my first thought). Carefree disregarded residents of both Carefree and Cave Creek when they approved the CVS and Lowes stores in that same general area. Now they whimper that Cave Creek should deny an application for a zoning change in that area. You already know it is a hypocritical position, but is it also gall, or what?

Thank you for running the Obama citizenship story – unlike the mainstream media.

Now that the weather is beautiful I've been running into a ton of people around Arizona riding motorcycles. I was really surprised to hear from a MASSIVE number of people who ride motorcycles will no longer come to Cave Creek/Carefree due to the noise ordinance. I truly didn't realize this was such a huge impact on our tourism business, the sentiment that bikers are refusing to come to the area was almost unanimous. I understand the noise ordinance is a sensitive issue and not here to debate the valid points on both sides. I'm hear to say when you look around our town now with the many businesses that have shut down and the many others that are struggling it's an incredible shame that we've run off huge numbers of tourists on bikes. These bikers used to make our town a destination spending tons of money and supporting our economy. I think we need to compromise and put our local businesses first, we need to work hard to get this lost revenue back in town.

Recently there was a well-attended evening concert in the Carefree town center. Within a few minutes after the concert concluded the town was deserted as usual. Attendees used the pricey new lights to expedite their departure.

Recently the Cave Creek P&Z Commission voted 5-2 to recommend approval of a General Plan amendment that could lead to a change in zoning from residential to commercial on about 25 acres at the southwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. Despite recognizing that added tax revenues were likely "5-10 years away," that there would be a detrimental effect on downtown town core businesses, that added traffic would make a dangerous intersection even worse, that there is abundant empty commercial space in Cave Creek, that the town would have no control over what commercial projects were constructed, and that approval could lead to a domino effect of more zoning changes, the measure was quickly approved. I see a referendum looming.

It's no wonder why we have so much identity theft and illegal immigration crime! When a sheriff goes out to arrest the culprits, other police officials criticize it because the crime isn't a "dangerous threat.” Unbelievable! Now we have Monday morning quarterbacks that are going to pick and chose what type of crime to enforce. It's no wonder why ID theft has been occurring so rampantly in the last 10-20 years! These politicians and police chiefs are all responsible! And to make matters worse, one is an alleged pervert running for Sheriff, and the others are elected officials that WE are paying salaries for! The public should be furious! They should all be fired and tossed out on their do-nothing asses! Sickening. I hope they all become a victim to identity theft, so they can scramble around piecing together their credit history when their social security number gets stolen! ID thieves should be prosecuted to the max! The same goes for people that break into my country.

McCain won the last debate by a landslide. Obama showed weakness in many ways!