Diversity bubble

Name witheld to protect my family

Even in this downturn bubble economy there is a bright spot – the emerging diversity industry. It seems like we are hearing about new diversity companies every day. Social Centric Training and Consulting and ACORN are two shining examples of the new vibrant diversity industry. As with any expanding industry, Social Centric Training and Consulting, ACORN need their customer base to grow. However, unlike most industries things need to be bad for diversity companies to grow, and fatten their bottom line.

The diversity industry is dependent on a premise that arguably doesn't even exist. The premise is that certain able bodied and minded Americans need a helping hand because of some sort of Inherited Color Disability (ICD). If we ever did cure ICD it would not be reported. There's no money in solving this malady, and the diversity corporations will never work to this end. But heck, there is good money to be had in the diversity industry so who is going to argue about it’s merits in these tough times. Is this a great country or what!

The diversity industry is extremely profitable. ACORN was paid $800,000 by the Obama campaign and no one knows why. We don't know what Social Centric Training and Consulting gross sales are, but we do know that they aren't working this scam for free. Also, you should know that the diversity industry is not regulated, you don't need a business license, there are no educational hurdles to jump, there are no sales taxes to account for, it has no cost of goods sold, and Congress will never investigate your shake down practices.

All you need is a phone, a checking account and access to a congressman or two; the latter being the easiest to obtain.

Government schools are only too willing to help the diversity industry's bottom line. Backed by McCarthy-style racism, deficient-spending tax dollars, and spineless school administrators, you can expect the diversity industry to grow exponentially over the next few years. With all its government backing the diversity industry will not see a downturn in income for a very long time. It will be mandatory for all kids to attend diversity courses even after we all become a member of some minority.

Personally I'd vote for a more Math, Science, English and Shop courses if I were asked. However, I won't be asked, and neither will you. The government knows what's best for our kids now. Life will be easier for you if I just pay your taxes and let government certified bureaucrats teach what they know is best for your kids.

Let's just hope that the diversity industry is just another example of a government backed bubble economy. When this bubble bursts we can all look for change in the economy. In the end that's all we have to look forward to – hope and change.

Mostly Northern European, but I get very dark in the summer so I'm not completely sure-American Name withheld to protect my kids.

P.S. – If you are looking for work in the growing diversity industry make sure your resume clearly shows a history of being oppressed. This includes those that graduated from Columbia or Harvard and live in million dollar-plus homes. If you are not a person of color there are positions open in accounting and IT, but please don't apply for a job where you be in contact with the public.

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Thank you

Campbell Connolly | Via e-mail

Thank you so much for the Obama Citizenship piece. The mass media has failed to report on this story or have dismissed the story as false. Here is the actual court docket for your information. It includes discovery items submitted to the court including records from Indonesia.

Please publish the Kenyan response to Barack's visit to Kenya. Informed citizens need to research the next President as much as they do the terms of their mortgage.
Press Release from Kenya: www.communication.go.ke/media.asp?id=284

Thank you very much.

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Lawrence Rupp | Carefree

To date I have regarded your publication as one that has studiously avoided assuming a posture which could be described as “Politically Correct.”

P.S. In case your readers don’t understand “Political Correctness,” and I hope they don’t, here is the definition:

Political Correctness: A philosophical theory first posted by Academia (basically consisting of retired Hippies) circa 1965, quickly adopted by members of the far-left, liberal branch of the mass media (almost all) which subsequently practiced and imposed it on an unsuspecting public. Its principal concept is that it is possible to pick up a turd by its clean end.

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Reader comments

Ronald R. Green | Cave Creek

Recently Tom Brokaw and Bill Clinton were talking about his one slogan of: "It's the Economy, Stupid." I think the slogan for all General Elections should be: "It's The Country, Stupid." For if we don't have a country - nothing else matters.

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Congratulations on Obama story

Bryna Monsein | Boca Raton, Florida

Congratulations on having the guts to publish this story. I think it is unbelievable that Sonoran News is the only publication that has said a word about this.

Why won't the national news media pick this up? Where are the TV network commentators?

Why all the secrecy? Is Obama such a sacred cow? Or perhaps he merely descended from the heavens to save us after all ...

If this story actually ever hit the airwaves he would at least be forced to explain why he won't produce ANY documentation at all.

I am going to call my senators and congressman and find out WHY nobody ever raises this issue. Your article is giving me back-up and credence so that I don't just sound like the neighborhood nut who is into conspiracy theories.
Thank you.

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Re: Your View, October 8 - 14, 2008

Dave Temple | Via e-mail

"I find it disheartening that American standards have sunk so low that some would consider a "hockey mom" qualified for the second most important position in our Country. No wonder the USA is in such dire straits; we've lowered the bar ourselves.”

In response to a writer's comment on Sarah Palin, the hockey mom, not being qualified for the second most important position in our country.

Yes there are those who have sunk very low to completely disregard the track record of an individual who is running for president. When Palin's experience is compared to Obama's, Sarah blows him away and he is running for the highest position. Now does that make sense? What has Obama accomplished that would compare to that of Sarah's accomplishments? Even "Trooper Gate" doesn't even come close to being a so called community organizer who has had a relationship with ACORN, you know the group that has come to the surface numerous times recently for voter fraud, has had an association with a know terrorist Bill Ayers. In addition expecting us to believe that the 20 years that he spent in Jeremiah Wright's church was inconsequential as Obama wants you to believe. Dah, Yah, right!!

I would like to think that there are those that didn't just fall off of the turnip truck like it appears as though so many others have.

With such a shady past it is very interesting to see that this doesn't matter to so many people, which is very scary. The economy is one thing but national security is entirely another thing. If Obama were to be in charge of our national security I would expect him to qualify for a security clearance, which I doubt if he could ever get, which is precious. But, Obama will be the first to tell you that you can trust him. Why should he be trusted?

Because he says he is to be trusted.

Oh, I forgot. He wants to talk about more important things such as the economy. His credibility is not to be questioned. Why am I not surprised that there are so many gullible people?

Gul·li·ble, Easily deceived or duped.

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Barack and the DNC

Judy Lewis | Cave Creek

It is obvious that you are a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, which is certainly your right. As a newspaper publisher, it is also your right to endorse whomever you wish. But, as a newspaper publisher it is also your responsibility to publish the truth and the facts, so your readers may be properly informed.

On this point you have failed your responsibility miserably! I am referring to your front page story this week about Obama's citizenship. This ridiculous story has been making the rounds on the Internet for several weeks now and I can't believe that you would pick it up and print it in your newspaper without due diligence! You can check out the whole thing on Snopes.com – just search Obama's birth certificate or Obama and Philip Berg and you will get the real story.

I hope your reputation (and that of your newspapers) means enough to you that you will print a retraction next week and also print the real story. You should want your candidate to win on his own merits and not through defaming his opponent. I know I feel that way and I hope most of your other readers do as well.

Editor’s Note: All DNC has to do is provide the documents requested. Why don’t they?

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Please be fully informed before you vote

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

My purpose is not to advise anyone how to vote on Proposition 202. My intent is to simply caution everyone to be fully informed BEFORE they cast their votes.

I am concerned because Proposition 202 is very, very misleading. It is titled “Stop Illegal Hiring.” One would think that this is intended to stop the hiring of illegal immigrants. But it is so cleverly worded because it DOES JUST THE OPPOSITE. It EXEMPTS ALL of the businesses that are known to be the primary employers of illegal immigrants and basically gives a pass to the higher-ups in the remaining businesses. It is funded by a group that has a vested interest in hiring illegal immigrants. The title was designed to be misleading, a technique that has become popular in our thirty second sound bite culture. From previous elections we know that the majority of Arizona voters OPPOSE the hiring of illegal immigrants as our current laws do. (Sheriff Joe recommends a NO vote on 202.)

You should vote your conscience. I only hope you become FULLY informed BEFORE you vote.

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Unworthy candidates

Mickey Gibson | Carefree

The presidential election pits two unworthy candidates against each other in a battle that will decide the fate of our nation. Never before has our country been so sharply divided.

The undistinguished lawyer from Illinois has a smooth rhetorical style. Yet his economic policies will devastate half our states economies and seriously harm everyone wherever they live. Worse, he will lead us into an unnecessary war. He may not sound like a war hawk, but his arrogant sense of moral superiority coupled with his desire to create and solidify a base of future voters will surely divide our nation even further and lead to what would amount to civil war.

He will tell you that he has no desire for conflict. But in his desire to force Washingon’s concept of liberty and democracy on regions that have no desire to be so led, he will alienate our closest friends and lead us into a war. And lead us he will into a conflict with no forethought about an exit policy. What will become of the people we will have liberated in this conflict? We are told they will shower us with flowers and greet us as saviors. Only history will tell. Perhaps in the future these very people will curse our institution and become a great burden on our society.

So given a choice between twiddle-dumb and twiddle-dee, we must chose the candidate who will not burden us with afflictions set upon our children and grandchildren.

Vote for Stephan Douglas.

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OMAMA 'Black Issue

Barbara Espinosa | Scottsdale

I AM EXHAUSTED by the rhetoric on Obama's race, every time a question is asked of Obama that his campaign wants to avoid they regurgitate the race issue like last night's bad dinner.

This election is not about the color of anyone's skin but is about the candidates voting record, issues, experience, qualifications, associations, moral and social values and when a candidate has avoided voting on the issues at least 130 times, refuses to be transparent and forthright about his associations. The qualifications for being President should be more than sitting on boards and organizing activists.

From the time he was sworn in as a U.S. Senator his experience as a working Senator was actually 143 working days that the senate was in session. After such a short time on the job Obama formed his Presidential exploratory committee. If you owned the company would you hire him as the President or CEO with so little experience? In my opinion the media, and the American People have the right to know the answer to any questions they want to ask from a candidate who blatherskites empty phrases with eloquence and expresses a socialist agenda and intentions to disembowel our military.

It does take a lot of audacity to think you are qualified to be Commander in Chief of the free world and follow in the steps of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan with so few accomplishments as a Senator. Before you vote know the facts and vote for the future of a free America and not futile promises, a tall drink of water or a pretty face.

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Read what is REALLY going on

George Knowlton | Editor Scottsdale Activist

Being that most of you claim NOT to read the Scottsdale Activist, I encourage you to go to www.scottsdaleactivist.com and read the Shout & Spout entries posted this Sunday morning as well as two of the main editorials to which you should ALL pay particular attention IF YOU DARE to see what others see!

It would seem very prudent for all of you to take notice of what’s being written in the Scottsdale Activist by numerous writers and whether you agree with them or not, it could very well affect your jobs and the public’s perception of what you all are doing or NOT doing in many cases. Especially being that we get a minimum of 12,000 hits on the website every week from citizens who want to know the REAL truth as we and many citizens see it.

Yes, we do have the confidence of quite a number of loyal mainly current and a few former city employees who keep us abreast of what goes on internally and, Yes, they will always remain confidential and No, their names will never be revealed to anyone; that's why they have confidence in telling us what's REALLY going on.

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