Your View | October 15 – 21, 2008

Congrats to Carefree Councilman Coady for his two sensible votes during the October meeting; the town's consulting engineer appears to be a useless hack, and the sign project was a joke at the original price. Carefree has a long history of estimating costs to gain approval for projects, then days or weeks later requesting additional funding. The sign project, the lighting project, and the 150K gallon water tank project are just a few very recent examples. Of course, they cite a 'good' reason for the additional funding requests, which I suspect are either planned in advance of the first appropriation, or the planners are completely inept, perhaps both. This is a very transparent game.

Local businesses might want to think more carefully about making donations to Carefree town projects. The Council pays lip-service to helping local merchants, yet when it come to certain projects, they give the job to outsiders.

Can you believe they want to inspect my garage in Winfield subdivision. Is this invasive? I have lived here for 5 years.

The lawsuit by the sleazy publication THE PHOENIX NEW SLIMES was dismissed. Oh, it breaks my heart....NOT! Congrats to Sheriff Joe and County Attorney Andrew Thomas. If there was ever a publication worse than the Republic, it would be this one. It does serve a few purposes though, and those include: washing windows, picking up dog feces, bird cage lining, and it adds extra weight to your recycle can so the wind won't blow it over.

What is wrong with the Carefree Town Council? Don’t they realize that we are in a recession, and our economy in the toilet? And yet, they just keep spending and spending. Hey guys, we don’t have any tourists to read those new signs! Why don’t you fix our streets, or rubberize them to keep noise down? Surely there are better ways to blow town funds!

Now isn't this something to think about! If Barack Obama would apply for a job with the FBI or with the Secret Service, he would be disqualified because of his past association with William Ayers, a known terrorist. If he is elected President he would not qualify to be his own body guard!

According to a recent Internet property search, there are 218 homes for sale within Carefree's 85377 zip code. On that basis 10-15% of all homes in Carefree are now for sale. Why are so many residents lined up to leave "the best small town in Arizona?"

If you live in Cave Creek, have a large trash container in your yard, plant some bushes in the back yard, put up a for sale sign in your front yard, you’ll have some little snitch tell another snitch at town hall. They’ll send a little fellow with body armor, a stick and a gun to your house to beat you up then have his buddies haul you off to tent city. That is real nice. Is that what small town living is all about? Gotta just love it.

It is always a pleasure to go to the polls and vote the opposite of what The Repulsive Republic wants you to do.

There is new information on the Internet about Barak Obama - as to where he was born. Reports show he was born in Kenya - in Africa - and his mother later returned to Hawaii and tried to register his birth there. Will the mainstream media ever get around to telling us the truth?

According to the magazine National Review, Barak Obama has spent 59 of the past 112 months "campaigning for higher office!" Further, he has missed almost half of the votes in the US Senate since January of 2007! This is a pathetic record!!

When are the people that are so anti-water company going to wake up and realize there are no big cheating, lying, scheming things going on, bringing this up to the pubic constantly and putting poor Miss Marlow on the witness stand all the time like they are just waiting for something big to come out. Nothing is showing that there's been anything wrong. Why do they keep doing this? Had anybody followed Phelps around after all of this he was on the payroll for the ex-water company - following Phelps around is like following Al Qaeda. It's really disgusting.

I don't understand Monday night's council meeting. It was questions of Grace Meeth at a public meeting regarding contracts that were no longer in force – changes in language on contracts that didn't even matter because they weren't really in place and about things that were voted on over a year ago. If Grace has questions, why doesn't she just go to the water information sources and get the answers instead of having a meeting over it?

Based on their holier than thou similar behavior it's seems just a matter of time until Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio turn into the next Elliot Spitzer. You and I know there are skeletons in their closets just waiting to be exposed. Can't wait for that exposure. Hope Sonoran News exposes them!