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By Don Sorchych | October 15, 2008

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In my mind the default vote for president is John McCain, with the welcome addition of Sarah Palin.

Although the economy scares the hell out of everyone, let us not forget the terrorists are still around and still have a continuing objective of ridding the planet of infidels.

Edit cartoon mccainMcCain is the right choice to protect America from countless enemies. Not only does Obama not have a clue; he is way too friendly with evil forces outside the United States and even a domestic terrorist, Pentagon bomber William Ayers.

This we know about John McCain: he is a bonafide American hero, his loyalty and commitment to our country beyond question.

Obama is of uncertain citizenship. That issue is before the courts right now. His stepfather who adopted him was Islamic, and that makes Obama Islamic under Islam law. He studied Islam and went to an Islamic school. Hence, the name Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

He converted to Christian faith, but spent twenty years listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright scourge America and all whites. That is Christianity?

Obama was and remains intimately involved with ACORN, the organization that brought us to our knees economically along with key democrats who forced lending institutions to lend to unqualified home buyers.

Last week he got the unqualified support of Louis Farrakhan, who refers to Obama as the “Messiah.” Farrakhan is a racist and anti-Semitic black power thug.

The only presidential quality Obama has is to bullshit effectively. He is an empty suit but an angry, devious and dangerous one. Can you imagine angry racist Michelle as First Lady?

Democrat operatives have effectively limited criticism of Obama by calling every criticism racist. Read the comments that are part of our online poll if you want to see how rabid his supporters are, and how issue oriented McCain’s supporters are.

Recall the poll that really set off the Obama disciples was the last one, which asked the question if Obama was a mainstream democrat, a socialist or a sock puppet for communists?

Only 33 percent voted for democrat, so 67 percent viewed him as socialist or a communist puppet. He damned well is at least a socialist and in fact was a registered socialist in Chicago in 1995.

From numerous blog sites, supported with links to DSA archives and web pages:
“As recently as 1996 Senator Obama had signed a contract with the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party (also known as the DSA for Democratic Socialists of America) to promote the party's goals. In 1995 Obama signed a contract with the DSA ‘promising a more open relationship with the Marxist New Party.’”

“Mission statement of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America:
Our mission is to establish democratic socialism as a political force in the United States and around the world by training and mobilizing socialist activists to participate in a vibrant and diverse socialist organization at both the local and the national level.

“In the long term, democratic socialists fight for a world in which all people share equally in the governing of the economic, political and cultural institutions and relationships that shape their lives.”

DSA labeled their party as NP for “New Party.”

The NP website lists Obama as a member they supported and who won an Illinois senatorial seat.

Yep, he is a socialist, with communist leanings.

McCain is starting way late in telling voters who Obama is and who he has associated with and how he is closely associated with the current economic meltdown. I hope it is not too late.

One last question; If it is fair for 95 percent of blacks to vote for Obama, is it equally fair if 95 percent of the white population vote for McCain? It seems it is Ok for blacks to be racist but whites are held to a higher standard. Isn’t that racist?

Vote for McCain/Palin and save our Republic!


Prop. 100 Protect our homes (YES)
Prop 101 The Freedom to choose (YES)
Prop. 102 Marriage Protection Amendment (YES)
Prop. 105 The Majority Rules Initiative (YES)
Prop. 200 Payday Loan Reform Act (NO)
Prop. 201 Homeowners Bill of Rights (NO)
Prop. 202 Stop Illegal Hiring Act (NO)
Prop. 300 State Legislator’s Salary (NO)

We have posted Linda Bentley’s Proposition interpretations on We have also posted representative Russell Pearce’s choices and explanations. We are in full agreement with Pearce’s evaluations and suggested votes.


Another election, another request for an override, even though there are three years left on the override approved in 2005. The district is insatiable when it comes to reaching into taxpayer’s pockets.

The current K-3 override was passed by only 100 votes for the purpose of implementing all-day kindergarten. However, the very next year, Gov. Napolitano approved state-wide funding for all-day kindergarten. So, where did that money go? It went to increased salaries for administrators, not teachers, classrooms or K-3 educational improvements as the voter pamphlet implied. Double-dipping to a tune of $600,000 and asking for more.

With the looming economic meltdown, everyone needs to tighten their belts, something CCUSD has never done.

The recent exodus of board members, administrators and principals tells us something is seriously amiss. Yet their insistence on keeping a $60,000 a year part-time Public Information Officer is to keep everything contained within the district. No bad news is allowed to seep out of the hallowed halls of CCUSD.

Add to all that the continued violation of election laws. Last election there were serious violations, including using Football Coach DeGrenier and an English teacher to identify themselves in phone messages to voters while pimping for the school bond.

Posters pinned to school buildings and signs posted on district property promoting the current override are a serious violation. The law is clear. Although citizens filed complaints with Maricopa County Elections, it is only now that the county attorney’s office is evaluating past complaints and the hopefully the new ones filed.

For an institution of learning to openly defy law is abominable. It is time for voters to put CCUSD on notice that until they clean up their act, NO votes will be endemic.

Although we will try to endorse three candidates for the school board, so far, all seven candidates agree on everything - especially, “no micromanaging,” as if any school board in recent memory ever did. Boards for years have been rubberstamps and no one would notice if there wasn’t a school board.

Vote NO on the unneeded and inadequately explained override!