Your View | October 8 – 14, 2008

Recently I attended a marvelous performance at the Chandler Center for the Arts and also spoke with the general manager. Business is booming there. It is unfortunate the myopic Carefree town council did not develop a similar project rather than the collection of doggie doo-doo cluttering up the town center. Unfortunately voters continue to support the cult running the town so there is no hope of the junk being ripped out and a sensible reinvention put in place.

I find it disheartening that American standards have sunk so low that some would consider a "hockey mom" qualified for the second most important position in our Country. No wonder the USA is in such dire straits; we've lowered the bar ourselves.

Having been involved in community events in a past life, I have some idea what it takes to put on an event of the scale of the “Taste of Cave Creek.” I thought it was fabulous! OK, so the lines were long, slow down and meet your neighbor. The restaurants are to be commended for giving us a “taste” and it was all superb. Our own volunteer chamber busted a gut and I know town staffers played important roles. Can’t wait until next year!

Hey watchdog, what is going on with the Rusts and their tormentor Depuddy Hernandez? I see the little P**** is still showing up all over town. I hide the kids and pets and don’t start my car until he moves on. Then we go home, lock the door, load the shotgun, pull the shades and wait. Wait for the town to take his gun away and send him packing. What a way to live.

Ed Schneider will not reveal ... will not disclose ... will not let slip ... etc. and then blatantly does all of the above. Then he bashes several African Americans for being racist. In answer to your repeated question, Ed, "Whites are racist?" Just look in the mirror!

CCUSD, social engineering is not your job. The Federal government screws it up all the time, and if you take the time to discover the true roots of the current financial crisis, you might begin to understand. I don't want my child exposed to this garbage, especially in school. Teach the required subjects well, and leave social engineering out of your school.

I too have a difficult time with McCain, but given the choices, there aren’t any. Why the hell are the Republicans taking this financial crisis on the chin? Why don't they discuss the Carter/Clinton connection more aggressively?

Please, please, Sonoran News, take aim at CCUSD’s curriculum and disclose other excesses like that of the Calvin Terrell variety. Instead of this guilt trip about “diversity” where is American History, the constitution, our founding fathers, etc.? If a socialist like Obama is elected it is because generations are learning crap with no understanding of the value of capitalism and the evil of socialism.

The cut-and-run anti-war faction? OK! Since they all lack any concept of what is going on with our nation at peril during a war – there is a job waiting for them. Our country’s freedom struggle has continued now for almost 250 years with 10 battle-war stages. Freedom and liberty demand responsibility and are extremely costly in lives and sacrifice. These assaults on freedom and liberty are forever…so let the wimpy free-types arm themselves and guard freedom’s ramparts where it’s safe. Then our courageous and brave volunteer freedom fighters can go out and continue smashing tyrants and their wars.

In regards to “For Sale by Owner’ signs lands property owners in jail, you wrote how “local activist Anna Marsolo” filed a complaint. It is my understanding that Mrs. Marsolo is also a realtor. I would think your readers would want to know that when judging her actions and the actions of the Rusts when they put up a “for sale by owner” sign. Please try to be more thorough in your news reporting. [Editor’s note: My View in the same issue identified Anna Marsolo as an “activist and realtor.”]

This is a concerned citizen for the poor girl that was murdered that worked over at the Buffalo Chip. There is a public hearing going on October 23rd to review Justin Lunsford’s evidence. Everyone that can be there possibly be there. This is a public hearing and the public is invited. His mom and her husband are going around telling everyone in town it is on the 24th so no one will be able to be there for the hearing. Something needs to be done about it because this guy is a total idiot and needs to be electrocuted or shot for what he did to that poor girl. I’m hoping to read something in your paper about it.

McCain is no conservative. He wrote an amnesty bill to give immigrants who enter the country illegally citizenship. This bill would have put the sovereignty of our nation and our economy at further risk. Illegal immigrants would be able to get social security, welfare, help with rent and many other benefits. McCain recently committed to this cause yesterday, today and forever. McCain is pro-NAFTA and claims NAFTA has contributed to strong job growth. According to the US Census Bureau there was a $34 billion trade deficit in cars, trucks and parts last year with Mexico alone. Many Americans have lost their jobs and approximately 200,000 auto-related jobs have left Michigan and Ohio.

When is Sonoran News going to look into how many administrators have left the Cave Creek Unified School District?