Your View | October 1 – 7, 2008

If you look around you'll see a lot of good council members, representatives, senators, mayors, police, committee volunteers etc. etc. We may not all agree with their positions, but generally most really want to serve and they serve the community honorably. However, people like the 'snoop', 'Barney' Hernandez and Grace Meeth are the exceptions. It's all about them. They come first and to heck with whoever gets in their way. If they don't get their way, they file complaints, they arrest and or they hire lawyers to bulldoze and intimidate the opposition. Turmoil, turmoil, wherever they go it's turmoil. Typically 'in over their heads', they feel inadequate and attempt to fill that void by causing confusion and disarray while leading the charge. Rarely are they part of the solution because they are the trouble finders entrusted and enshrined to seek and destroy the dark side. In Grace Meeth's case the voters should remember her name and retire her via the ballot.

Wow, Palin had a photo op with the Georgian president. According to GOP analysis, that must make her an expert on Eastern European politics. Maybe she should pose under a Wall Street sign so she can fully understand the American economy.

According to a recently published report, ten Carefree properties entered foreclosure between May 9, 2008 and September 17, 2008. Loan amounts ranged from $289,750 to $1,000,000. Yet the Carefree town council persists in doing nothing to try to help the town's economy, except to waste money on goofy insect-attracting electric "gas" lamps. Is there no end to the council's incompetence?

Scottsdale has approved a deal to scrap high-end downtown condos and instead support an extended-stay Element hotel along the Arizona Canal on the westernmost site of the SouthBridge project. What does that portend for the Lewis Easy Street project? Will it become an apartment complex? Old folks home? Even when the town council was rubber-stamping the deal it was obvious selling high-end condos in Carefree's dying town center was unlikely. Will the last tenant out remember to switch off the "gas" lamps?

Scottsdale's sales tax revenue in August fell 16 percent versus August 2007. Carefree's monthly year-over-year tax revenue comparison will become very difficult beginning in January when Lowe's will have been open a full year, ending the period when the local Lowe's wasn't in business a year-earlier.

My View a week before last was revealing of candidate for sheriff, Dan Saban. As a psychologist I find it fascinating how many cross currents eddy in his “thoughts while driving.” Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t leave my daughter alone with him and I surely wouldn’t vote for him although I am a registered Democrat. I am no fan of Joe Arpaio, so I guess I’ll sit this one out. Too bad my party couldn’t do better.

Thanks to a "papered house" (a theater term referring to filling seats with free tickets) the recent Taste of Cave Creek appeared to be a big success. However, I believe the sponsors way overdid giving away free tickets. The event was far too crowded and waits in lines much too long. Politicians always want to put on a good show as long as someone else's money is being used.

The first two months (July and August) of the three-month consumer price index computation period used to determine the 2009 change in social security payments indicate a 6.1% increase next year. Why can't the Carefree town council cut its exorbitant water rates to aid its residents?

Thanks Cave Creek for a TASTE OF TENT CITY; 7 foot high fences, long lines for food and drinks. All that was lacking was the razor wire! Ed. Note: Thank the state liquor board for their silly regulations on containing the drinking area.

I read your article regarding Angela Burke the former "Cracked Crab" employee robbing Bob Haas (owner of the "Cracked Crab"). I was so disgusted at Angela's behavior. It is my understanding that Mr. Haas has lost his wife due to illness and now has closed his restaurant. Nothing like kicking a man when he is down, hey Angela. I sincerely hope she gets convicted for said offenses and I hope she gets the maximum sentence the State can give her.

It’s bad enough the Town is still paying Bobbie Hernandez. Even worse, we have all been subjected to his presence ever since the incident with the Rusts. Have you people ever heard the phrase “paid administrative leave?” Please, until we can be rid of him for good, keep him out of our faces.

Thanks Cave Creek for the most incredibly disorganized event ever. Just trying to get something to taste at "Taste of Cave Creek" was an event in itself.

I thought the Taste of Cave Creek was splendid and thank our local chamber, sponsors and the town administration. I guess the crowd size was underestimated, so the lines were terribly long. People who don’t mind jumping ahead were also a major problem and some restaurants ran out of food. Anyway it was their first year at that scale and let’s learn from this experience.