Judge for yourselves

The January 3 Carefree Town Council meeting was a debacle by any measure. In particular was the obvious confusion about a key agenda item, the Village Center Redevelopment Plan. Based upon the inane comments and dubious questions, it appeared as though the council didn’t have a firm grasp about what exactly they were voting on. It was embarrassing. The interactions on this agenda item did not instill confidence in this council to say the least. I strongly encourage every Carefree resident to watch this (and all) town council meetings on YouTube (https://youtu.be/K4BfvSQvL0U) and judge for yourself. One thing for certain, it has become very apparent why this town council refuses to engage residents directly during their monthly meetings. They don’t appreciate different perspectives, and would be unable to answer challenging, critical questions in a satisfactory way.

Mike Davitt