Editor’s Note:

In the letter below submitted by Elena Pavlova, she expresses that in her opinion Peter Sample “has lived in Carefree for about a year…” Sonoran News was contacted by Mr. Sample stating “This statement is false, damages my reputation, and was sent with the intent of doing so.” Our request to Mr. Sample for an approximate date he became a full time resident of Carefree has not been responded to as of August 1st at 10pm. Sonoran News did it’s own research via public records to establish an approximate date Mr. Sample became a resident.

The only conclusive information we have obtained is Mr. Sample purchased a house in Carefree in March of 2016. One might surmise from this Mr. Sample moved to Carefree then. We have no conclusive information to confirm or deny that, but the Occam’s Razor principle would suggest Mr. Sample moved to Carefree in or around March of 2016. Please do your due diligence and reach your conclusion based on research you are comfortable with. Should Mr. Sample eventually respond to our request for information, we will update this editor’s note accordingly.

Dear neighbors, I have been receiving messages from the wife-husband team, Kathlina Lai and Sven Maric, who are running for office in Carefree. They are mum about their experience and drop names—some misspelled—of the town founders. They rant about the Hampton Inn, but would not answer one simple question: If they are so concerned about our town why did they not attend council meetings and object to the construction? After some light digging, I learned the couple resides in … CA. They registered an LLC in Carefree in January 2022 and now know what is best for our town.

Peter M. Sample who is running for town Mayor has lived in Carefree for about a year and never served on the council or any committee. Neither did any of the above-mentioned candidates ever VOLUNTEER for our town. I personally loathe the Inn (and the town’s ostentatious arches.) But even more I loathe self-serving politicians. In my opinion, it would behoove Sample, Lai and Maric to get to know our town before running for office. You should make your own decisions. And vote!


Elena Pavlova