Try something different?

The political ads are impossible to miss. John Crane and his cronies have taken a huge number of ads, posters, and newspaper “editorials” all touting “experience.” Particularly unprecedented for a small town such as ours. But why? And what has that experience gotten us?

*A water tank that will eventually cost the citizens of Carefree $32 million but was never voted on and was never fully disclosed until a resident of Sagebrush Lane in the Boulders saw a surveyor wandering around the open space behind his house and learned what would eventually become the site of the tank. Why was this kept secret for so long?

*The use of eminent domain to seize the property belonging to The Boulders and begin the construction of the tank before the legal issues were fully settled. 

*Successfully overturning the term limits that were previously voted in by Carefree residents. 
Question: Why is it so important to have a continuously rotating insider group of unpaid officials use all legal methods to remain in power indefinitely? What is their hidden long-range agenda? What is their undisclosed self-interest?

*Giving the go-ahead to Hampton Inn, rather than a “boutique” hotel that was promised and would have been far more appropriate. Is this what “experience” gets us?

If you think that these examples represent enlightened and unselfish “experience,” go ahead and vote for this insider group. But if you think that this all seems a little fishy for a small town such as ours and question what might be behind this unprecedented media blitz consider voting for the alternative. 

It is not too late to take back Carefree from the secretive and elite few. If we don’t, we might wake up to find our peaceful and quaint Carefree utterly and permanently transformed to just another strip mall at the end of the road. I recommend that we vote for integrity, transparency, and trust. Cast your ballot for Peter Sample for Mayor and Sven Maric, Kathlina Lai, and Duke Vukotic for Town Council.

Also Yes on Propositions 472 & 473, and No on 474.
Robert Binder, MD