Promises made – Promises broken

My husband and I think of Cave Creek as a little hidden western gem but wonder what’s going to happen to it if our Mayor and Council continue to grant developers multiple zoning exceptions. It’s an alarming thought!

When a developer was trying to put in an inappropriate business next to our neighborhood many of the town’s officials did not have our backs. When we tried to speak up at the meetings we were treated like the enemy. Then after we spoke our measly allotted three minutes our words were twisted around and false narratives spread about us and we were never permitted to correct them. At one meeting after they voted on our agenda item they came back after a break and decided to revote even though most of us had left the building or left Zoom. As evidenced by the You Tube video this was appalling behavior by our elected officials. A secret document was submitted by the developer and then McGuire just happened to have six copies on him to pass out to the other Council Members. This was a pre-planned and orchestrated act. When one of our neighbors came back inside and was speaking at the podium to try to understand what just happened, Mayor Bunch cut him off and said “This is not a High School Debate class.” How can we keep somebody in office that is so rude and disrespectful to the citizens they are supposed to represent? Or keep another incumbent in office when they work behind the scenes helping a developer? The public is who voted them all in but still they feel that they don’t ever have to be accountable to the public or take any input from the public.

It seems like it’s incumbents versus new candidates. An incumbent even stated that new candidates are bad for our town. Didn’t this incumbent start out as a new candidate? Why are some incumbents so threatened by being replaced? Most of these incumbents, these experienced politicians have a lot of experience in ignoring us, ignoring the general plan, ignoring the water issues, ignoring our desert rural way of life and work at making our town like “Any Town USA” and “Bell Road.” Most of these incumbents will promise anything to get reelected yet do they keep their promises? To quote the Vice Mayor from that video who said he got this quote from the Mayor, said “Promises made, promises broken.” Let’s elect candidates that will do what’s best for all of us and not just what’s best for them.
Roxanne Boettcher
Cave Creek