No on Prop 472

Do the citizens of Carefree totally understand what Prop 472 would do to them? As I understand it, the project we’ve been passing, when driving 25 mph down Tom Darlington, for the last few weeks, would be moved and redone elsewhere should Prop 472 pass. Yup, tear er down and start over. Are you kidding me?

Doing so could cost us 8 million dollars, as we would be forced to move it to another location, should Prop 472 pass. This would be done under the supposedly altruistic concerns of a few residents of the Boulders, over their concern for eminent domain. Do these Boulders residents have a history of obsessing over the little guy losing his home to a highway, or is this simply a hissy fit, for placing a needed water treatment tank near their homes. A tank that will be covered, planted over and may lessen the noise from Tom Darlington.

We don’t have 8 million bucks to blow on such foolishness. Vote NO on Prop 472.

Bob Schmidt
Carefree Resident