Experience Experience Experience

 In a previous letter to the editor I noted the importance of experience in selecting the candidates to vote for in our Carefree mayoral and council election. That is why I have decided to vote for the current incumbents: John Crane, Vince D’Aliesio, Tony Geiger, Stephen Hatcher, Michael Johnson and Cheryl Kroyer. As you know there is one more council member position we are voting for in this election. In line with my feeling that experience is the main factor that should drive my vote, I have decided to vote for Sheila Amoroso. I believe that she has the experience required to do an excellent job as a council member. This begins with the experience she gained in her career with over 30 years investing in public infrastructure projects. She has also shown great interest in the welfare of our town and and thereby gained valuable experience by being a member of the Carefree Public Safety Advisory Committee.

Let’s vote for the candidates who have the most experience since there are some very complex and potentially expensive issues that will have to be addressed by the incoming mayor and council

Mike Wold
Proud Citizen of Carefree